Habpanel viewer on Android 4.2.2 problem

I’m trying to use HPV with an old Mediacom SmartPad S2 3g (model M-MP7S2K3G) tablet with Android 4.2.2.

It worked with 0.9.22 version from Play Store, apart from some crash…
Fdroid’s 0.9.26 version doesn’t start at all.
Everytime I launch it, an error message says that it crashed abnormally.

It happens also after a full factory reset.

Am I missing something?
Does it need some library or special Android settings?
Thanks for your help.

HPV needs Android 4.4+

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I just saw the crash is caused by a library update in HPV which now requires Android 5. You can try 0.9.25. It should start and you can see if it works for you.

0.9.25 works with my Android 4.2.2.
The only strange behaviour is that this command:

panel3.sendCommand(“TTS_SPEAK test test”)

repeats the vocal message 8 times!!

Thanks a lot!!!