Habpanel weird problem (video inside)

i have a weird problem with habpanel .I thought it s easier to show you so i captured a video of the problem.

When i change dashboard for example from my vacuum to my livingroom dashboard ,and i press a switch widget right away,the item turns on and so the group that the switch belongs to.In the video i use “Living Lamp 1” that belongs to the group “livLights” :
Switch LivingRoomLamp1_Brightness "Living room lamp 1" ( livLights,Livlamps )  { ga="Light" }
Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF)  livLights       "livLights" ( All_Lights )  { autoupdate="false" }

So as you see the first 2 times i change to livingroom dashboard and i press the living Lamp 1 switch and the livLights switch goes on and then off.This is wrong cause the group is in fact at the ON state but only in habpanel shows its OFF.If i refresh the page the state of the widget goes to ON which is right.At the third time i wait for a few seconds before i press the switch and it all works just fine .
I have tried chrome,firefox,fullykiosk browser and the problem is the same.I am on openhab 2.5.4 at a raspberry pi 3b.I have 255 item and everything else works just fine expept that little bug.
edit : it doesnt happen only for groups but sometimes for single item switches without belonging at any groups.I just used that example cause i can recreate it more easy.

I have exactly the same issue. Sometimes I press a button and it will trigger the action, but it will display the wrong state. Thanks for the hint with the dashboard change though, it’s true that that usually appears shortly after changing dashboards.

yes and its very annoying ,at openhab 2.4 habpanel was perfect at least for me anyway,something went wrong at 2.5 …

This is discussed here: Group switch not updating

No solution yet but there’s a workaround to restore the previous functionality that you can try.

nope ,i am familiar with the group state problem ,thats why i use " { autoupdate=“false” } " to all of my groups.I dont say they dont change state at all ,i say they dont if u do it fast and they always change state if you wait for some seconds after changing dashboard.