Habpanel widget idea - scrolling widget

I have a 8inch android tablet for showing habpanel.

Its not so much space to show alle data. So i search a solution to show for exampel the heating data for every room on the small tablet. My idea is to have a widget in wich scrolls the heating data of ervery room in a small container from left to right, endless. In the smal container is shonw a temeratur svg-icon, the roomname,the actual temperature and the target temperatur.Maybe like temperatur data in the matrix theme

Is it possible to have such a solution? Can anybody post a code that i can use for such a widget or can help me to create such a code?


I would use a dummy widget and then just update it from each sensor at a regular interval. I use NodeRed for my rules and it gives you an option to repeat at an interval and I just stagger each of those updates and I include the description of where the data is coming from.

You could also try a frame and make a little html landing page, then scroll down that page.

@ QuagmireMan
Its not like i search for.

I mean it like this first “linear”, but 10 of these red containers behind each other.
inside the containers are the data of a differend room.

w3 school CSS Animations

I tried it with creating 10 keyframes with different starting positins, but its not a smooth animation.