HABPanel - Yet another implementation of a no-frills dashboard

Is there a way to export or save the dashboard configs to a file?

This would be interesting for me too.

And how can i change the location where a dashpanel is saved?

I want to save it server side. So i can use the same panel for every device of my familiy.

Is the configuration part of the official docs not working?


It can however store all its configuration (called panel configurations, including sets of dashboards, custom widgets definitions, and other settings) on the server as openHAB 2 service configuration variables.

You can access this server-side configuration in Paper UI, Configuration > Services > UI > HABPanel. From there, you can also lock down the embedded editing features globally to prevent accidental changes by end users. You can also specify the name of a known panel configuration to load immediately when starting to configure a brand new HABPanel instance; otherwise, the local browser’s storage will be used only until you save a new panel configuration as detailed below.

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But this is not working for me…

I already made a habpanel with chrome browser and saved it server side with the name “Home Test 1”.
I also entered exactly this name to the Paper UI and saved it there --> “Home Test 1” without “”

After this i opened a new browser (firefox or IE11). There i used habpanel never before.

But the dashboard is empty. No chance to load the server saved “Home Test 1” Panel.


Did i do something wrong?

Maybe. I have never used HABPanel before, but did a short test and it worked:

On the computer where you want to save the config:

Go to your dashboard config and hit “Save on the openHAB2 server when done” , then click "Advanced settings"
On the left hand side choose the second option “Save the current configuration to a new panel configuration” and define a name.

On the computer where you want to load the dashboard config go to
PaperUI -> Configuration -> Services -> UI -> HABPanel -> Configure
Type the name you saved your dashboard config with at “Initial Panel Configuraton”, then hit “Save”

Open HABpanel

and voila, you have your saved dashboard available.

My test in pictures:


Ok, thanks, now it works.

I think the error was, i named the panel to “Home test 1”

Now i tried only one word without spaces --> “test” and it worked.

Can i save more then one server side configuration? Maybe i can make a configuration for smartphone, one for tablet, one for notebook?

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I think so … just use a different name for each config.

@ysc, Well, so I managed to set footer to “hide”. And now I cannot get into settings again.
How do I enable it? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Found the quicklink: http://ip:8080/habpanel/index.html#/settings which took me back.


@ysc : I’m trying to use Frame widget to display Grafana graphs. In Grafana, I took Embed iFrame link, extracted URL and added it to the Frame settings URL field. I’ve set Refresh interval in the widget settings to 120 seconds. The problem I’m facing is constant refreshing of a graph (every 5 seconds), even though I’ve set Refresh interval to 120 seconds. Refreshing wouldn’t be much of a problem itself, but, while refreshing it, graph disappears, and then reappears again. Do you know if that’s the problem with Grafana, or the Frame widget? Does Refresh interval setting in frame widget works?

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I’ve not received confirmation that the fix closing the issue solves the problem though.
Update to the latest snapshot and let me know here or on GitHub.

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Since this issue’s last comment was from 05.10, and I have nightly from 12.10, I guess the problem isn’t solved (at least the problem I’m having). I can try and install latest nightly tonight, to see if it changes anything. I’ve also tried to call local html (http:/localhost:8080/static) with weather iFrame inside html, but it refreshes every 5 seconds too. I’ll try new nightly tonight and report the test results. Thank you for your help.

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I may be experiencing the same. I added a comment in Github with details.

Some websites ( e.g. https://open.spotify.com , https://www.ziggogo.tv ) don’t support displaying itself in a iFrame, hence I can’t use the iframe-widget to display these sites.

  1. Does anyone know a workaround for this ( and I mean really from within HABPanel, so I can use HABPanel in kiosk-mode) ?
  2. Is it possible to develop a ‘native webpage’ widget in HAPPanel to by-pass these limitations?