HABPanel - Yet another implementation of a no-frills dashboard

really great !!! thanks a lot!

one comment, i seems to need a little bit longer to load widget

Depends on the amount of data you graph, I haven’t seen any difference for similar graphs.

ok… will check, may be i can reduce the data …

do you know how , which rrd series is used/returned from rrd4j file… i have different averages in rrd-file

That depends on the way you did setup your rrd4j.persist database.
Each query is returned with values from the fitting archive, I. E. A query for the last 24 h is returned with the data from that archive that holds the last 24h. If you are trying to get the last week the archive must contain the week. Naturally an archive for the last 24h has more precise data for those houres then the archive for last week.

Hello / Bonjour @ysc,

This is an incredible work ! Congratulation and thank you so much to share it with us.
How to make a beautiful and reliable GUI in a minute !

Maybe you could consider adding a Navigation Widget to go thru differents panels? It would be cool to have the ability to add, for exemple, a sub menu for specific actions.
I’m asking myself if it can be done by the Custom Widget ? if it is the case, please let me know and I will try to figure out how it work.

Another thing, what do you think about a widget who would act like the Selection Sitemap element type ? (http://docs.openhab.org/features/sitemap.html#element-type-selection) for exemple to select a radio station ?

Best regards

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Navigation Home.widget (4).json (1.0 KB)

Here is an example of a navigation widget (this one needs “no container” and “no background” to be set).

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Great, thanks you !

Additionally since last Sunday you now have a drawer accessible from any screen allowing you to switch to another dashboard easily.

Maybe it doesn’t cover all use cases for a navigation widget but it’s a start.


Thanks !

I’ve done a git clone, but I don’t have this menu … I will try to check why.

Edit : Found, I’ve cloned the old repo …

Nice :slight_smile: Just hat I was hoping for. Christmas cam early! Thank you

Edit: It’s been so nice and responsive with my LIFX bulb, very nice.

One issue is that I can only define one dashboard at the top level. The edit mode only allows me to add widgets to the ‘main dashboard’, but I can’t see the way to add others. Any advice?

Also, the ‘dummy’ panel returns data which is good, but on mouseover it looks like a clickable link, though there is nothing to link to. Can anyone advise how to link a panel to another panel?


I must say that after trying this a couple of evenings I am extremely impressed, this is what I was looking for all along!

I wonder if i have bumped into a rare bug in Chrome on Android where creating a dashboard called ‘Test’ on both my laptop and mobile is causing me to be unable to swith my mobile browser to using synced dashboard, i just see the Panel Configuration radio button but am unable to click it.

In IE on my laptop and chrome on my tablet, i was able to switch to synced configuration without any problem.

I just updated to last snapshot of openhab 2.0.
I activated HabPanel from Paper UI and configured my panel.
When I gone to save configuration into OpenHab instead of local,I got this:

I’m so disoriented, i don’t know whats happened.

I rebooted my Openhab Box, now behaviour is little bit different.
Now I can save my configuration to OpenHab using:

"Save the current configuration to a new panel configuration "

But after I chose a name for configuration, I cannot get this configuration on other devices, and if I refresh page on the browser where i saved configuration, it disappear as it never been saved.

I need help on this.


@macfly once you cloned it and downloaded it how do you install?

Hi @ysc
due my issue described in my last 2 post, I opened Chrome Console, and when I Hit OK to save panel configuration to openhab, i got this:

I also tried to load JSON produced by HabPanel Export feature, into PaperUi Configuration->Service->HabPanel, but when I hit Save, i always get 500 Internal server Error.

Many Thanks


I’ve put the github web folder content to ~/openhab2/conf/html/habpanel and reach it with http://IP-ADDRESS:PORT/static/habpanel/

Enjoy :wink:

Anyone succeed with Google Maps with API + mqtt and HABpanel?

Yes, I just created a webview for the regular (basic / classic UI and call this webview from my frame Widget (

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i am not able to find the drawer option, I am running Opehab2 latest offline snapshot, do I still need to clone the GitHub ?