HABPanelViewer 0.9.24

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(csowada) #221

Your APP is really useful for a wall mounted display. But I use a customized version of habpanel within the HTML directory. This works perfect, but if I use a URL with an additional path I can’t use the item sensors. Or wake up the display. I thing the root path to the server is wrong in that case.
Is it possible to add second URL to link to another habpanel URL?

(Volker Bier) #222

I am currently changing the settings so that it is no longer possible to configure a start panel or kiosk mode.
Instead, you will be able to configure a start page either by editing the preferences or by browsing to a page and marking it as start page via context menu.
The context menu will also get a menu entry allowing to browse an arbitrary page by directly entering an URL.

@curlyel, this will allow to use the app for other UIs like Basic UI as well.

(Volker Bier) #223

As there seem to have been no problems, I have now merged the rewriteControlCode branch into master. Also the changes mentioned above are now available in version


  • add motion detection interval setting
  • reduce CPU usage
  • fix bug where adding a certificate exception did not lead to reconnect of SSE connection
  • add command item and change all device control functionality to use the command item
  • add device admin functionality and ADMIN_LOCK_SCREEN command
  • add command log screen showing processed commands
  • improve german translation
  • add completion support for item name preferences, improve checking
  • add “Track Browser connection” preference, which monitors the SSE connection of the webview component add reconnects the app SSE connection in case the browser connection is dropped.
  • improve SSE reconnect
  • new browser context menu (all browser related menu actions were moved here)
  • allow arbitrary start page

Follow the symlink under the version above to download an updated apk file.

@miker, you can use commit cee7b1f87ea40cfe2508fb0924e9588360a24767 for building a version for the play store when you have the time.

Your setup for a wall mounted tablet
(Michael Ritterbusch) #224

NP!.. will get it on the PlayStore this weekend.

(Bogumil J.) #225

works very well!

(Volker Bier) #226

I just published version 0.9.16. It has three notable new features.

One is a a setting that does allow to embed http content into https pages (use with care). It should allow to embed e.g. a webcam image that is only served via http into the https connected habpanel.

The second is the support for basic auth protected pages. In case such a page is found, a login dialog pops up asking for credentials. These are then stored and reused by the app until you select “Forget logins” from the context menu.

Third is that I changed the start app menu entry to no longer start the app configured in the settings, but to open an app chooser instead.


  • change start app menu entry to show app chooser and remove related preferences
  • add setting allowing to choose whether context menu shall be shown
  • add setting that allows to embed http content in a https page
  • password dialog for basic auth protected pages


  • fix bug where initial loading of server url failed

(Hallo Ween) #227

I have installed habpanelviewer from playstore. Can i update this installation manually with your provided apk and will my app still get updates from google playstore?

(Hallo Ween) #228

Can anyone answer this question?

(Scott Rushworth) #229

No, a manually installed app will not update itself through the PlayStore. You will have two versions installed on your device, so it is probably best to uninstall what you have before installing the test version.

(Hallo Ween) #230

Thank you. Then i will have to wait for the updated playstore version.

(Holger OpenhabUser) #231

Is there a chance to run it on a Android 4.2 tablet, or will this fail?


(Bogumil J.) #232

It was better when “kiosk” mode was available by option. It still can be implemented as option during setting start page as this is only necessary to put ?kiosk=on to the address

(Volker Bier) #233

Why don’t you put ?kiosk=on to the start address yourself? It is something that only needs to be done once, so I do not see the need for a setting, as now the start address is freely configurable.

The way it is implemented now allows to use the app for other UIs as well (with only minor disadvantages for habpanel users).

(Bogumil J.) #234

Of course I do it myself, it’s just… I often switch from kiosk to standard mode while do modifications, therefore having it as option is just more comfortable. I can live with it, just wanted to point out that it was easier before.

(Michael Ritterbusch) #235

the playstore apk will be updated shortly. been holding off with some other fixes in the pipeline.

(Michael Ritterbusch) #236

This app won’t currently install on anything below 4.4. I’ve done quite a bit of testing and the webview components in pre 4.4 do work, but sorta / unstable.

(Will) #237

Kudos Volker! This is a VERY helpful and promising tablet app that will be invaluable to those wanting/using tablet control. I’d like to suggest that a wiki that captured the knowledge found in these thread post might help to propel this to even greater usage, especially with the variety of tablet types and their specific solutions for some of the most common Use Cases.

With my 11.5 Galilleo Pro (Android 6.0), I jumped right in with 9.17, reading the first post and trying to sort through what I saw on the screen. I made crawling progress, then realized I needed to read a bit more, and then switched over to the Playstore version (which turns out to be pre9.13), which looks surprisingly different in a few areas.

Now I’ve finished all 236 posts, and believe there is a possibility that the most recent version may solve my current impediments.

So far, my successes include;

  • Connecting to OH2
  • Can view Motion Detection preview, and the default values appear satisfactory
  • Being able to set Tablet-Motion (though it does not do so reliably)

Still need to achieve breakthrough on these critical portions of our Use Cases;

  • Waking up the display on motion detection (I will try the screen dimming approach in 9.17 when it comes out on the Playstore)
  • Being able to see http cameras that have authentication appended to the string (and for now, I am in http mode with OH2)

Both of the above are crucial for me for our pertinent Use Cases, and I look forward to making them work.

Thanks again, Volker!

(Volker Bier) #238

I have now enabled the wiki feature in the github project. Feel free to add whatever content you think might be helpful to others. I have a hunch that not many are going to add content to this and I do not want to fill this by myself. I already hate updating the in-app help and release notes. :wink:

Regarding your problem:

There is no possibility to have an URL to a camera picture with username and password in it. This is blocked intentionally and there is no way around this. I have looked for workarounds already and found none.

There might be 2 ways to get this working:

  • If you leave out username and password, you hopefully get a password dialog where you can enter the credentials (if the camera answers with a 401 response). But his can easily be checked by using the URL without credentials in chrome. This works on 0.9.16+.
  • some cameras allow to specify username and password as url parameters, if you are lucky this is supported by your camera

(Will) #239

The URL string I’m using is this format;


I’ve pulled the uname/pwd parameters off and that doesn’t initially seem to make a difference (there is no prompt for them like there was previously on the desktop before I added them to the string), but I’ll have to look into this later when I have more time to ensure I’m giving it sufficient attention.

(Volker Bier) #240

It should work if you pass the credentials as parameters, as you do. The only other obstacle is that you can not use http urls in https pages. So if you are using a https url for HABPanel, you also have to install a newer version that has the setting to allow mixed content.
A login dialog will only be shown on 0.9.16+, not on the play store version.