HABPanelViewer 0.9.24

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(Michael Ritterbusch) #442

I will get the updated version on the Google Play Store by end of day tomorrow.

(Peter) #443

Hi, this app is very nice. Thank you!
Im using app Version 0.9.20 on a Amazon fire Tablet 5. Generation.
Fire OS

My Problem:

When Alarm is on and the external Motion Sensor received Command ON, HPV should take a Picture and send it via Telegram.

Camera delay is 200

My Rule:

rule "Bewegung erkannt"
    Item zwave_device_9d2ccf6a_node10_sensor_binary changed to ON
    if(anwesenheit.state == ON || InhouseAlarm.state == ON) {
        sendBroadcastNotification("Bewegung im Flur erkannt!!")
             sendLogNotification('Bewegung im Flur erkannt', 'Bewegung im Flur erkannt')      
sendCommand(fireitem, "CAPTURE_CAMERA ifireflur 90")
createTimer(now.plusSeconds(5)) [
sendTelegramPhoto("bot", ifireflur.state.toFullString, "Flur")

When the tablet is off (ADMIN_LOCK_SCREEN) for > 5 minutes i receive the old Image from the item.
In the Command Log the Capture Camera command is grey or red.

Can you help me?


(Volker Bier) #444

Does it show an error message when you click on the gray or red entry in the Command Log? Did you try to increase the CAPTURE_CAMERA delay in the settings?

Edit: instead of sending the picture after 5 seconds, add another rule that triggers on change of ifreflur and simply send the picture. This way it is only sent when changed and this approach should be more robust than the timer.

(Peter) #445

When i click on the Log entry:
grey: Vorschau gestartet
red: could not stop preview

I’ll try a separate rule. But will it help when the Command is not executed?

(Volker Bier) #446

Changing the rule will not fix your problem, but it will prevent the sending of old pictures.

Can you grab an adb log containing the attempt to take a picture?

(Peter) #447

Sure, can you tell me how does it work?
I’ll try.

(Michael Ritterbusch) #448

HABPanelViewer on the Google Play Store is now updated to : Release: 0.9.20

(Volker Bier) #449

@Moriarty, you will find lots of instructions on how to get an adb log if you use google.

(Francesco) #450

Hello, I tried to use the KEEP_SCREEN_ON and SCREEN_DIM in order to tap and wake up the display. However I don’t know how to setup the rules. I tried with the new screen state variable but it seems to do no change when I tap on the screen. Here is my rule:

rule "HPV AllowScreenOFF"
    Item hpv_screen_state changed to CLOSE
    HPV_Screen_Timer = createTimer(now.plusSeconds(30)) [|
       HPV_Screen_Timer = null   // reset the timer

The rule does not fire as the hpv_screen_state doesn’t change when the display wakes up

Thank you


(Volker Bier) #451

The screen state depends on the android intents ACTION_SCREEN_ON and ACTION_SCREEN_OFF. As I just read they are sent when the device becomes interactive or non-interactive. During my tests this corresponded to the screen state, but reading the apidoc, this does not always seem to be the case.

If you use KEEP_SCREEN_ON, I would expect these intents never to be sent, as the device will most likely stay in the interactive state all the time (and the display is always on).

Maybe somebody that actually uses SCREEN_DIM can help.

(Volker Bier) #452

@Ciccio, I forgot about a feature I added in the current development version: it reports active app usage (detected by touch events of the app) to openHAB. You could use that to detect when to send the SCREEN_DIM command if you are willing to install the development version.

(Crispin) #453

Folks, am I missing something?
In the readme,


Allows to set the value of an openHAB contact item depending on whether the app is currently in active use.

The contact state will be CLOSED whenever someone is actively using the app. After a configurable time of inactivity, the state will be set to OPEN .

A sample openHAB items file looks like this:

Contact Tablet_Usage

I can’t find where to set that. Using the latest version from gapps.

(Volker Bier) #454

Yes, the difference between a released version (play store) and the current development state (github) :slight_smile:.

And the post directly above yours that states:

(Crispin) #455


If I install the apk can I upgrade the apk and retain the settings? I seem to recall when I first did that I had to remove it first which lost a lot.

Don’t mind apk route if setting are retained.

(Peter Haugaard) #456


I am very new to HPV. I can get the motion information to OH and the “SCREEN_ON” command is turning on the screen on my Samsung Galaxy Tab, but it only stays on for 10 seconds. I have checked and the inactivity timer on the Tablet is set to 2 minutes.
Does someone know where I set the time the screen will stay on?



(Volker Bier) #457

I have also noticed that this happens on my Galaxy Tab A. It started with one of the last system updates. I did not yet have the time to look into it, but will in the future.

(E. Gerland) #458

Have you been able to fix this issue?

(Steve Cliffe) #459

The problem I was having was quite a while ago and there have been a number of updates to the app since.

My tablets have been quite reliable for a while now.

(E. Gerland) #460

I have had some stability issues with FKB, the support though is awsome.
However, I started looking into HabPanelViewer, but don’t have experience with it yet.

(Volker Bier) #461

I have investigated why the tablet turns off too quickly. The log shows this:

09-05 15:41:58.525 2490-3013 D/PowerManagerService: [api] setNotiLightScreenTimeoutOverride: timeoutMillis: 10000

I did not find any reference to this on the internet, so I have no idea on how to fix this. I have now added an optional parameter (number of seconds to keep the device awake) to SCREEN_ON as a workaround. If you do now replace your command with “SCREEN_ON 30”, the tablet shut stay awake for 30 seconds.

Of course you will have to install the development version in order to get the new functionality.