HABPanelViewer 0.9.24

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(Hallo Ween) #502

Same to me. But it is slow on phone internet browser too, not only in this app. Inside webbrowser of my notebook it is much faster.

I have a new smartphone with a upper mid class cpu and 4gb ram, so i think it is powerfull enough.

(Volker Bier) #503

If it is the same with chrome i can not do anything about it. Try to get help from HabPanel experts instead.

(Kris K) #504

I dont have the issues running in Chrome on my LAN. Only in the app

(Hallo Ween) #505

Can you test chrome on your smartphone/tablet, not on your computer?

(Kris K) #506

Computer is fine, tablet/smartphone isnt.

(Volker Bier) #507

I have just released a new version on github. As always, fdroid will hopefully pick this up in a few days, @miker will update the version on the play store when he has time.


  • allow to store web page credentials across app restarts
  • add toolbars to non-browser views
  • move preferences export/import to toolbar
  • add clear log action to command log toolbar
  • add goto forum action to help toolbar
  • fixed crashes

Edit: the version is now available on fdroid.org.

(Joern Herbst-Heyde) #508

works great at amazon fire 7 tablet

(neil street) #509

Im still really struggling with the motion detection and screen activation. I have three different brands of tablet and all running different versions of Android.

With security lock off, display turn off period set to never, Screen_Dim when the motion contact opens works fine, the display comes back on touch but the backlight is a pain at night especially as the devices are bedside. I’d be happy with this if i could turn off or dim the backlight too.

If i set the screen off period to say 2 minutes, again with security lock off, the screen goes into sleep when it should. If i move in front of the camera within the first 30 seconds, it wakes, so motion detection works but if its any longer than that the screen never responds to any motion.

So the display switching off is either sleeping the wifi, camera or both. I can wake the tablet by pressing the power button but i don’t want to do this, I just want it to wake on motion.

Any ideas anyone please, as its starting to get a little frustrating??

(Steffen) #510

Hi Volker, great App thank you very much!
I installed the App with FDroid on my old Nexus 7 / 5.1.1 / CyanogenMod 12.1-2015…
Version 0.9.23 does not work.It ended with crash during the first install wizzard.
I have to go back to version 0.9.22 and everthing goes fine.

(Volker Bier) #511

@steffe, can you create a ticket in my github project and attach an ADB Log?

(Volker Bier) #512

@neil_edward, check if you have disabled all energy saving settings for HPV, check that you have set WIFI to stay on when screen turns off in the system settings.

You can see if motion has been detected in the System Information Screen. Open it via the menu, let the device go to sleep and move in front of the camera. If you then wake up the device, you should see that the motion detection counter has increased. I doubt that the camera is put to sleep, but who knows.

The System Information also has connection statistics. This should show if the WIFI connection is gone after the device has turned off the screen. Or you can use the connection indicator item, which is updated cyclicly by HPV. If it remains constant after the device has been turned off, then most likely the WIFI has been put to sleep.

For both things remember to wait the 30 seconds after the screen has turned off.

(neil street) #513

Thank you for the prompt reply.

I can confirm that wifi is set to stay on and and with the screen sleeping numerous times (and woken by pressing the power button) the ‘running for’ and ‘online’ times match, ‘offline’ shows zero.

Motion is being detected as the count is incrementing but not if i dont activate it withing the initial 30 seconds, when it goes to sleep. The command log doesn’t show any commands issued either when the screen is sleeping and motion is activated after the initial ‘window of opportunity’. It then shows a SCREEN_ON after i have pressed the power button to wake the screen.

Here is my rule

rule “HabPanel_Test Screen On”
Item HabPanel_Test_Motion changed to CLOSED

rule “HabPanel_Test Screen Off”
Item HabPanel_Test_Motion changed to OPEN



(neil street) #514

A new discovery with regard to my issues. If i have Day Dream enabled in Android, motion detection works 8 times out of 10.

(mateusz) #515

I also think that something is wrong with motion detection. Simultaneously I had active two triggers, one based on proximity sensor, second on motion and Rules similar to above. Proximity works correctly but motion only once after HPV restart. I checked it in logs. I would also eliminate saving and WiFi as issue because I as mentioned, proximity works always

(Volker Bier) #516

@neil_edward, does it make a difference whether you use camera API 1 or 2? Which OS is running on your device? Can you grab an ADB log?

@9mateusz, can you look into your event log if the contact is opened again after it is initially closed? It is only opened when the motion detection does not detect any motion for one minute. Only after that detection will trigger a new motion event. So if you want to test if detection works, leave the device alone for more than a minute, check that the contact is OPEN in the openHAB event log, then move in front of the device and check if the contact has been closed (or the screen turns on).

(neil street) #517

On this particular tablet I don’t have a choice on the camera API as its running Android 4.4.2

I dont know how to get and ADB log im afraid, im not a developer. Is it easy to do?

Kind regards,


(Volker Bier) #518

I tried to reproduce the problem but could not. It works on my devices either with API 1 or 2.
But I do not have any device with android 4.

Is there anybody else that uses HPV with motion detection on an Android 4 device?

See the first answer here on how to get a log file:

Edit: @neil_edward, when you used the SCREEN_DIM command, did you have automatic brightness enabled in the android preferences? If yes, can you test again after disabling this?

(pascal) #519

I need some help with CAPTURE_CAMERA. I can’t get it to work.
The command log shows the CAPTURE_CAMERA command in yellow?? (command is not known)

I’m running version 9.22 on Tablet Nexus 9, android version 7.1.1
All app permissions are granted + device administrator
Am I overlooking something?

(Volker Bier) #520

Have you added Item Name and JPEG quality as Parameters?

Edit: just saw that quality parameter is optional.

(pascal) #521

Yes I did.
Created an Image Item in OH and I am using that one as parameter