HABPanelViewer 0.9.24

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(Volker Bier) #161

I have updated the app once again. In preparation of publication on the play store done by @miker I have removed all default values from the settings and have also added a german translation.

Feel free to point out wording/spelling errors or othr bugs so I can can correct them before publishing.

(RW) #162

Only on the Amazon Fire tablets. The app on my Sony works fine with the motion detection. I don’t know if it matters but I used the AFTV hacks for the Amazon tablets in order to be able to install the Play store. I also used a launcher hijacker to start with the Google launcher or to set this app as launcher.
The app itself runs fine most of the time. Only when I enable the motion detection feature it crashes. Tried it on multiple Amazon devices. They crashed almost simultaneously.

Did anyone else get this to work on Amazon Fire tablets?

(Michael Ritterbusch) #163

I have been using/testing on Fire 7 tablet. However, there are some features that are not available/permitted when using FireOS, (specifically disabled by Amazon) which could cause an issue with some app features. This includes the Android Intent feature for HOME/DEFAULT screen and some screen wake/sleep interactions.

You likely need to to disable the screen oriented features. In my case, I have Dev options enabled and have the “Stay awake” enabled. I’m not aware of anyway around this as Amazon’s intent is to own the home/sleep screen for their lower cost ad-enabled sleep/lock screen stuff.

(Michael Ritterbusch) #164

@vbier FYI, There are some build issues with translations on the latest update.

I can update the Play Store test release when sorted…

Information:Gradle tasks [:app:assembleRelease]
Error:(3) Error: "granularity" is not translated in "de" (German) [MissingTranslation]
Error:(15) Error: "leniency" is not translated in "de" (German) [MissingTranslation]
Error:(28) Error: "pref_app_package" is translated here but not found in default locale [ExtraTranslation]
Error:Execution failed for task ':app:lintVitalRelease'.
> Lint found fatal errors while assembling a release target.
  To proceed, either fix the issues identified by lint, or modify your build script as follows:
  android {
      lintOptions {
          checkReleaseBuilds false
          // Or, if you prefer, you can continue to check for errors in release builds,
          // but continue the build even when errors are found:
          abortOnError false
Information:BUILD FAILED in 34s
Information:4 errors

(Volker Bier) #165

I have just fixed the translation errors.

(RW) #166

Thanks, the wake/sleep interactions could really be the reason for this. And I guess there is no way to solve this as long as FireOS is running on the device. I tried to handle it with the dev options but the stay awake or any other option did not help. If there are any other hints, I would be glad to hear them as I bought some Fire HD tablets (and had Amazon disable the ads on my lock screen) just for this purpose :laughing:
But anyway, great app. I will probably use it without the motion detection

(Michael Ritterbusch) #167

Yep, I bought the “Ad Free” version of the Fire 7 hoping that it would be 100% free to do the same things as any other tablet. (without hacking…its a lot better hardware quality than off-brand tablets in the same price range) However, with their custom “launcher/home screen” app, a couple of restrictions apply.

HABPanelViewer will be available in the Amazon AppStore shortly as well (testing it now)!.. as soon as @vbier is OK to take it out of private beta.

(Scott Rushworth) #168

I just tried the latest on my FireTV… you must have put in the keycodes! This is awesome! Having trouble displaying images/urls though (template and frame widgets), even though they display on a Nexus7 properly. Well… all but the climacons, which display properly on my laptop. Can’t wait to try the TTS for voice notifications (I’d be able to move the wifi speaker to another room)!

I currently launch the Kodi ZoneMinder addon when there is motion on our outside cameras, and I launch a custom Kodi notification addon for certain larger notification messages. I will be able to replace both of these by launching HabPanelViewer (through ADB) and changing to the appropriate panel! Thank you, @vbier (and @miker)!

[EDIT: I spoke a little too soon… I don’t see any way to get into the menu :confused:]

(Lukas) #169

Nice job, are you planning on punlishing on f-droid as well? Havent checked if there is some openhab repo already, but it might be worth to look at. Since we are open source and all :wink: (and i neither use google or amazon :smile:). I also poked around the cache stuff, although i dont have any experience in that field. Since the webview is only used for the specific habpanel adress, it might be interesting to also use the appcache and load pictures and everything in there for later use. I think now it only caches temporarely and also deletes everything once it cant get a connection. (Since i use vpn to check openhab on the go, once my vpn fails the whole data has to be reloaded, and this can take up to 30sec depending on my mobile connection.) sadly i wont be much help ib the codibg so i also understand if this is not of any interest to you. (Since mist people will propably use the app over wifi anyway). Anyway, great app and thanks for all the hard work you are putting in!

(Michael Ritterbusch) #170

Binding the keys for the FireTV remote is still on the to-do list :slight_smile:

(Michael Ritterbusch) #171

This application is now available as a beta release in Google and Amazon app stores (need to use these links to “sign-up”, it won’t show up in general search on either store yet)

This should make it significantly easier to install and keep updated.

Google Play Store

Amazon App Store
Please note. there are some options/features in this app around home/launcher screen and wake that are not supported by Amazon’s FireOS. This is intentional by Amazon as they want to control the home/lock screen with their custom home/launcher application, specifically for their “Ad-Enabled” version that lets them promote the tablets at a lower cost by showing “Special Offers” on the lock/sleep screens. (At some point, these options will show as not supported if on FireOS)

To participate in this test, please choose a marketplace:
Amazon.com.br | Amazon.de | Amazon.com.au | Amazon.co.uk | Amazon.co.jp | Amazon.it | Amazon.fr | Amazon.ca | Amazon.com | Amazon.es

If you have any issues with this links, let me know!

Booting Android tablet directly into fullscreen HABpanel
(Yannick Schaus) #172

Great news! :+1:
Thanks @vbier & @miker, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

(siegi simma) #173

Thank’s for this nice app.

Downloaded it from Play Store and it runs without problems.

The problem i have is, that the openHAB item state (a contact sensor) which i want to use for activating the display (Samsung Galaxy TAB3 lite) shows allways “null” in the “status information” of the HABPanel viewer (Inside HABPanel the status is shown as ON/OFF or OPEN/CLOSED) -> depending on the map-file.

Bildschirm Steuerung

HABPanel Viewr: 0.9.13
openHAB: snapshot 2.3.0

(Curlyel) #174

Hi @miker, @vbier,
thanks for the excellent idea and all the effort to make it happen.
It is something, I have been looking for for a long time :wink:

As you’re displaying the HABpanel dashboards in a webview-element in your app, is it possible to show the BasicUI there as well? Is this already possible?

If not, are you considering supporting this in the future?

I do have the following use case in mind:
HABpanel is to be used for the most important/most used items. But once you need access to some rarely needed item, BasicUI come in handy. It would be nice, to have the option switching to BasicUI- (sitemap-) view if neccessary but have the convenient HABpanel dashboard for normal operation.

This would give us the best out of both worlds:
HABpanel for well-designed dashboards
BasicUI sitemap view to access all other items (e.g. simply based on a group structure) without the need to configure dashboards for it nor even the need for sophisticated sitemaps.

Yes, I know about the openHAB Android app. But I’m not super happy with the rendering of it on my devices. AND: BasicUI would nicely benefit from your clever stuff like the backlight control.

Curious hearing your thoughts…

(Michael Ritterbusch) #175

You can display the BasicUI (or classic/Paper, etc) as a screen in HABPanel. Just use the “Frame” control to display the url like http://openhab1:8080/basicui/app.

Ex. (personally I would select “Frameless” and “Hide title label” under advanced as well)

(Dani) #176

I followed your instructions as described, but it seems that it does not work when I try to embed a google calendar. I only get a blank frame. But if I open HABPanel in Chrome browser it works.

Any ideas how to solve this issue so that iFrame content will also be display with the app?

Thx in advance

(Volker Bier) #177

Do you use basic auth in the iframe link? This does not work as already explained here:

(Volker Bier) #178

I was thinking about adding some kind of audio notification to the app. This would allow to record an audio notification and show some indicator (as overlay over the webview) of available notifications which could then be used to play back/delete the notification.

As I have my tablet close to the door, this would allow to leave a notification to family when leaving the house.

After short investigation, it looks like audio could be recorded to a folder that can be set in the preferences (something like Android Samba Client could be used to have a common directory across several devices). When folder watching works for samba shares, all devices could watch this folder keep the notification indicator in sync, otherwise a dedicated openHAB item could be used to trigger ui update on all devices.

Does anybody know a way to do that currently without extending the app? Would this be a useful feature? What kind of requirements would have to be implemented in order to get the best functionality? Any Ideas?

(Dani) #179

I think this issue can be solved if I set the google calendar as “public calendar” in this case the iframe shows also the embedded calendar.

Just wondering if there is any other possibility without setting the calendar as public?


(Michael Ritterbusch) #180

re. audio notification…

IMHO, here is the approach I would try first;
• 1 to make compatible in general, not just while using/in HABPanelViewer
• 2 prevent scope creep (which I’m guessing is why you are asking :blush: )
• 3 wouldn’t have to add samba/other components to sync status, etc.

Create a simple html5 app to create/play voice message files within OH html path, ex. http://openhabian:8080/static/voicenote and a message store folder like ~/voicenote/msg (o+rw) to store the recording(s).
Ex. https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/media/recording-audio/

The html5 app would be responsible to set/clear an OH ITEM switch like “msg_waiting”

In HABPanel, on the main screen at a button that is flashing red (animated .gif) when “msg_waiting” is ON. When button is pressed, switches to the “VoiceNote” screen/panel that has the html5 app within a frame/custom widget to play/create voice msgs, etc.

Ex. My using my front door panel
with msg waiting button bound to “msg_waiting” item, flashing/alternating colors when ON.

Other options (just ideas):

  1. VoiceNote app could be a “binding”/module add-on
  2. Lastly, create a plug-in model for habpanelviewer where “voice-note” would be optional and others may have “plug-in” ideas to extend habpanelviewer. (I can think of other potential plugin ideas, ex. for my Doorbird to enable talkback, etc)

Just my $0.02