HABPanelViewer 0.9.25

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(Volker Bier) #322

I have put it on my to-do list, but I can not make a promise on when I have the time for it.

Edit: @gerrieg, here is a test version containing screen monitoring:


(Gerhard Riegler) #323

Thank you @vbier for the test version, but i can’t find any settings for the screen monitoring. Version is 0.9.19pre, is this the correct apk?


(Volker Bier) #324

Sorry, i forgot to push. Now the new version should be there (0.9.20pre).


(Gerhard Riegler) #325

Works! But i have to use a Contact item. OPEN for display off and CLOSED for display on. Would a Switch not be better?


(Volker Bier) #326

Switch terminology would be better, but I use contacts because they do not make users think that there is something to switch from openHAB.

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(Kuba Wolanin) #327

Edit: @gerrieg, here is a test version containing screen monitoring:
https://github.com/vbier/habpanelviewer/raw/testJar/hpv-debug.apk 6

Hi @vbier, I’ve tried to install it from this url on my Teclast T10, but it says “The package appears to be corrupt” while installing apk file.
I’ve installed my current version from Google Play.



(Michael Ritterbusch) #328

@kubawolanin FYI, I’m putting the rel 0.9.19 on the PlayStore later today.

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(Volker Bier) #329

If you currently use the play store version, you will have to uninstall that first, or wait until @miker makes 0.9.19 available in the play store.

0.9.19 does not have the screen monitoring, though. So if you want that, deinstall the play store version before installing the apk.


(Michael Ritterbusch) #330

Latest Release:0.9.19 just posted to Play Store


(Volker Bier) #331

@miker has given me access to the play console, which shows lots of app crashes. I am wondering that nobody yet complained about that. I already fixed the easy ones, but there are problems left.

I decided to try to fix as many crashes as I can (which is not so easy if i can not reproduce them) and then make a new release.

So in case you have a reproducible crash, please pm me or open an issue in the github project.


(Rob Pope) #332

@vbier I’ve had a few crashes, but that was on an APK version from December. It worked out to be roughly one crash per week so I wasn’t too fussed.

I’ve now updated to the latest version from Google Play and can’t for the life of me remember which setting I need to use to turn the screen on with detection. Can somebody remind me of the setting I need to point to my OpenHab Item?


(Volker Bier) #333

This has changed in the meantime. There is no setting any more for this. You need to configure a motion item in HPV and set up a rule in openHAB that sends the appropriate command to HPV when the motion contacts changes from OPEN to CLOSED. Check the in-app help.

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(Rob Pope) #334

OK, I’ve got a new string item and the existing motion contact item. I guess I need to write a rule to change the string value when the contact changes?


(Daniel Linder) #335

Adding an embedded Google Calendar link in a Habpanel frame displays correctly in Habpanel - when viewed in Chrome.
However, in Habpanel Viewer I only get a “black frame”.
Can anyone advise on this?



(Daniel Linder) #336

Ok, I am anwering myself. :wink:
Did not think this through…
In Chrome I was logged on to the specific account - hence the google credentials were in place.
To make it work in HabPanel Viewer, I have to make it public.


(Volker Bier) #337

No need to make it public. See point 3 here: https://github.com/vbier/habpanelviewer/wiki/Embedding-external-content-like-Google-calendars,-Grafana-charts-or-images


(Daniel Linder) #338

@vbier Many Thanks for that hint. Works perfectly!


(mads m) #339

I installed habpanelviewer 0.9.19 from the Play Store, but I can’t get the start_app to work.
It pops up in the command log in habpanelviewer, but with red text.
RESTART, SCREEN_DIM works like they should.

If I install the version 0.9.18 I works perfectly, is the command changed in the new version ?

The command I send to my item, and habpanelviewer listen to is,
START_APP cn.sibo.jack.offscreen


(Frederic Mariën) #340

Hi all,

I’m using the connected indicator to monitor if the tablet is online or not and if the reported time is more than 2 minutes after the previous one, I consider this as if habpanelviewer has been restarted since it should report every minute. In that case I update some values to the tablet (screen state and screen brightness).

I notice that when the screen is allowed to be turned off, the connection indicator is not updated every minute.
I see this in my log files since it triggers the rule (time in milliseconds):

2018-05-28 00:34:52.167 [INFO ] [e.model.script.SendToTabAfterConnect] - Updated values of tablet since difference is 252129
2018-05-28 00:39:02.746 [INFO ] [e.model.script.SendToTabAfterConnect] - Updated values of tablet since difference is 250555
2018-05-28 00:43:24.089 [INFO ] [e.model.script.SendToTabAfterConnect] - Updated values of tablet since difference is 261315
2018-05-28 00:47:19.747 [INFO ] [e.model.script.SendToTabAfterConnect] - Updated values of tablet since difference is 235707
2018-05-28 00:51:58.769 [INFO ] [e.model.script.SendToTabAfterConnect] - Updated values of tablet since difference is 279003
2018-05-28 00:56:14.561 [INFO ] [e.model.script.SendToTabAfterConnect] - Updated values of tablet since difference is 255807
2018-05-28 01:00:17.010 [INFO ] [e.model.script.SendToTabAfterConnect] - Updated values of tablet since difference is 242457
2018-05-28 01:04:28.258 [INFO ] [e.model.script.SendToTabAfterConnect] - Updated values of tablet since difference is 251250
2018-05-28 01:08:28.813 [INFO ] [e.model.script.SendToTabAfterConnect] - Updated values of tablet since difference is 240544
2018-05-28 01:12:22.584 [INFO ] [e.model.script.SendToTabAfterConnect] - Updated values of tablet since difference is 233783

So the connection indicator is only updated every 2.5 to 4.5 minutes instead of every minute.
All power saving settings are configured correctly on the tablet.
Also, when I turn the screen back ON via the command item, the screen turns on immediately.
Is there any reason or cause for this behavior?




(Volker Bier) #341

There is no code in the app that would report values with larger intervals when the screen is off. This has to be some power saving feature of the OS.

Edit: the only explanation I can think of is that network access is limited when screen is off and that the app tries to update the item, but fails.