HABPanelViewer 0.9.25

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(Volker Bier) #522

The pattern that is used for the command is this one: “CAPTURE_CAMERA (\S+)( [0-9]+)?”, which means you have to have exactly one space between CAPTURE_CAMERA and the item name, no leading or trailing blanks.


(pascal) #523

OK found it! My stupid mistake. Forgot to include brackets :flushed:


(Christopher Hemmings) #524

im using this with a samsung galaxy tab s 10.5 inch. its about 4 years old.
it has a proximity sensor, but in the settings it greyed out.

Also i cant get motion to work consistently
it will update the contact once. Then even after a minute it wont update.
I have to restart the app before it does anything.


(Volker Bier) #525

Enable the preview, it shows when motion is detected. If that does not help, describe in more details what happens (i.e. what is the contact state)


(Christopher Hemmings) #526

Motion is working. I was able to tweak it yesterday. But what happens is. Motion detected. After a minute screen goes to dim using the rule SCREEN_DIM. after that motion is not being detected anymore. Only when screen is on.

Kinda defeats the purpose of motion detection

Also any idea why I can’t use the proximity sensor in the tablet. It’s greyed out


(Volker Bier) #527

Have you disabled power saving for HPV? Is you WIFI still up when the device screen turns off? Is the app still connected to openHAB when the screen is dimmed?

No idea about the proximity sensor. Are you sure it actually has one? Samsung specs say it hasn’t:

Sensors: Accelerometer, Fingerprint Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Hall Sensor, RGB Sensor

That is from this page; https://www.samsung.com/uk/tablets/galaxy-tab-s-10-5-t805/SM-T805NTSABTU/
Or is this the wrong device?


(Christopher Hemmings) #528

No you might be correct sorry about that. I just had a quick look online and found it was offering me a proximity flex cable replacement so I assumed it did.

Also. I’ll have to check everything else out and see about the motion. So definitely it should work with the screen dimmed? What about with the screen off from Android.


(Kristof Rado) #529

Is it somehow possible to change the displayed HabPanel from rules?
Like sending the URL to the device or somehow… If not, would not be a great feature to implement?
I’m going to install my wall-mounted screens and would be great if I can use HabPanelViewer (which seems really nice), but this feature is missing.


(Volker Bier) #530

@Christopher_Hemmings, i cannot speak for Others, but it works for me when the screen is off.

@rkrisi , is it missing?


(Kristof Rado) #531

I haven’t had much time playing with it, sorry for that :slight_smile: The only thing which I found in the docs is that:

SHOW_DASHBOARD  <dashboard>: shows the given HABPanel dashboard

This is what I’ll need? If yes what is accepted there as parameter? The name of the dashboard?


(siegi simma) #532

I use HabPanelViewer a long time on a Samsung Galaxy TAB A (2016). HabPanelViewer is fantastic, exactly what i need.

But (i know i’m crazy) i did an update of the Samsung software.

What happens: They have removed the function “WIFI always ON” from the settings (Android 8.1).
And now i can no longer switch ON my tablet with a Motion sensor (rule) --if tablet is OFF—.

Sometimes it works (i think HabPanelViewer is switching ON the WIFI again after some time ?)

But if the command is send during WIFI is OFF, it is lost.

Has somebody an idea if it is possible to keep WIFI ON all the time (independent of display state).

Any help would be apreceated.


(Wqty) #533


Don’t worry - you have to use adb to enable this option when it is missing in device settings.
When connected to PC with installed Android SDK:

To set it:
adb shell settings put global wifi_sleep_policy 2

To find out what it is now:
adb shell settings list global

Good luck!

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(siegi simma) #534

Thank’s for suggestion.

I have found another way:
on the SAMSUNG tablet go to “battery settings”
there is an option to add Apps which are allowed to use full power.
there you have to add the HabPanelViewer App
-> now WIFI is always on al long as the App is running


(StefanJ) #535


appreciating all the hard work which is done here and using HABPAnelViewer since a couple of weeks now, I do see a very strange behaviour with HABPanelViewer embedding more that one Grafana iFrame on one page.

The “first” iframe loads correctly and shows the garfana graph, whereas the other iFrames show a grafana error text: “If you are seeing this, Grafana has failed to load it’s appliaction files…” and then the text you see on the screenshot - where as the definition of first iframe depends on possibly which one loads first as I sometimes see changing iframes working reloading the page.

The display of the same page in Chrome on the same tablet works perfectly fine. Same on PC.
The different Grafana Graphs are on the same Dashboard with the same permissions.

Very strange. Has someone observed similar - potentially has a fix / workaround in place?

Thanks in advance.

Measures taken so far:
Checked Grafana permissions
Rebooted Grafana Server
Tested with Link widget instead of HTML: same behaviour


(Volker Bier) #536

Can you please check that HPV actually uses the same webview version that you chrome browser uses? Open Status Information and check the user agent.
Depending on your version of android this does not necessarily have to be the same, as android apps do use the system webview version (up to android 7, from which on you can choose the webview for the apps in the android settings), and chrome brings its one webview version.


(mateusz) #537


I started to use HPV some time ago, configured everything and really liked it. Only issue I met was that it was really slow, but my device also was not new. I thought that when I change the device for newer I will be fully satisfied.
I was wrong. HPV works very slow on every device (every I tested) I also saw that many people complained on slow speed. On the same devices Habpabel works much much faster when opened from Chrome, which may be strange, because dedicated app should be the fastest solution.
Do you have any idea why it happens? Is there any solution to solve it?


(Volker Bier) #538

I have never had any problems with performance.

The easiest way to find out what the problem is is to clone the repo, install android studio and then start the app in the profiler. There is no way for me to find out what your problem might be as long as I can not reproduce it. There are too many devices with different android versions and different drivers.


(mateusz) #539

My devices are: Nokia 6.1, android 8; Samsung galaxy tab, android 5, LG G4 android 6.
On every it is laggy, no idea why. When I use colorpicker (wheel) app usually freezes.
It is suprising for me that you did not experinnce the issue.
Maybe content of my habpanel is much greater? Can it affect such strong?
I do not want to be main complainer, I really appreaciate work which was done to develop HPV, but for me it is unfortunatelly not usable due to performance.


(Bogumil J.) #540

Face recognition with use of tablet bulit-in camera. Is it possible to be implemented? I’ve found this app https://github.com/divSivasankaran/Face-Recognition-on-Android.


(Chris S) #541

Even though this is a little older of a video, this might be the way to go because of support: