HABPanelViewer 0.9.25

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(Kris K) #602

Habpanel constantly displays a message in red ‘lost connection …’

Its about 1meter from a Uniqiti Pro AC access point and the tablet works just fine.


(Sid Amos) #603

Thanks, that fixed it. RELOAD does now work on my Nexus 7. However, auto-reload start page on screen on setting does not work.

After RELOAD, I am losing Kiosk mode. RESTART fixes it.


(Volker Bier) #604

RELOAD bug has been fixed, The auto-reload is only an auto-load. So it loads the start page if not already shown.

This is shown by HabPanel, there is no HPV code involved in this. Everything shown in the browser widget is handled by the WebView component, HPV only adds functionality around this. This will not change with HPV updates.
Does this work on the same device with Chrome? If yes, does the chrome version differ from the webview version used by HPV? Is it constantly showing this message or does it work sometimes? Have you enabled javascript in the HPV preferences?


(Sid Amos) #605

OK, works, thanks!


(Kris K) #606

Yes, Java Script is on.

Chrome works fine. The weather images dont load on HPV, but on Chrome for example in the Weather Widget ive got.


(Volker Bier) #607

In case you want me to help you should answer my questions.

Do you use the identical URL in chrome and as start page in HPV? Or are there differences in domain name, name/ip address differences?


(Kris K) #609

Ill check ! maybe not!


(Sid Amos) #610

I have the apk from 2019-02-05 and after a day running, it does not send SCREEN (OPEN/CLOSED) events anymore.
My presence rule sends ADMIN_LOCK_SCREEN or KEEP_SCREEN_ON, depending on presence. I used to get the SCREEN events for that.

And one question: When the screen is locked, Habpanel should sleep, right? The screen was locked during the night, but the time on my Meteogram image says it is from 02:48.


(Volker Bier) #611

Can you create an issue and add a log where you turn on the screen and the item is not updated?

HPV does not sleep, as otherwise it would not be able to receive commands.


(Jesper Lauritsen) #612

I finally got around figuring out to install 0.9.24 (I’m not really an Android user except for this panel).

I stopped using it previously, because I could not get the screen to light up after a SCREEN_DIM. As I understood it, this should be fixed in this version.
It does however still not work for me :frowning:

My events happens correctly and when I do a SCREEN_DIM it dims correctly.
However, men motion is detected and I do a SET_BRIGHTNESS AUTO, the screen keeps dark.
When I touch the screen it lights up correctly. In the command log I see all commands correctly.

Any suggestion on how to troubleshoot this? I really like all about HABPanelView, but if this does not work, I will have to go back to Full Kiosk Browser.

edit: hmm, if I capture an image at motion, this image seems to be always all black. Don’t know if it is connected - motion is detected, so the camera must work ok.


(Sid Amos) #613

Yes, will do at the weekend.

I did not mean HPV, I mean Habpanel/webview inside HPV. I though that when the screen is locked, Javascript and therefore image refreshs in Habpanel would stop always. It looks as if it refreshes sometimes.


(Sid Amos) #614

You have to send SCREEN_ON after a SCREEN_DIM to switch the screen on again.


(Volker Bier) #615

Sorry, I misunderstood what you wrote. And I can’t really say something about what HabPanel does when the tablet is asleep. This is all done by the webview component provided by android.


(Volker Bier) #616

What does the command log say? Is there an error message?


(Jesper Lauritsen) #617

Right you are, thank you! Works great now. The fadeon is much nicer than Fully Kiosk Browser :slight_smile:


(Jesper Lauritsen) #618

Uh, the black screen was a little user error, sorry :wink:
I do however see that sometimes it stop sending images when I do a CAPTURE_CAMERA. I have to restart it to get it working again.
There are no error anywhere, I just don’t get an image back. My only idea is that it might be if I snap to many pictures to fast.
But anyway, I am back at HABPanelViewer, and it is so much nicer than Fully Kiosk Browser :smiley:


(Jesper Lauritsen) #619

Well, I was a bit fast there…
HABPanelViewer crashes for me frequency. Not sure if there is some way to get debug information from the crash?
I do have a Connected item that gets updated once a minute, and the crashes seems to be connected to getting out of DIM or perhaps to snapping the Camera, which I have a rule doing.
I will try to disable the image snap and see how it goes…


(Volker Bier) #620

You can get an adb log and upload it to pastebin or send a pm. See the wiki for instructions. Very often, crashes are caused by faulty implementation in the HW acceleration. So if you have that enabled, try if disabling it changes anything.


(Jesper Lauritsen) #621

Thank you for your prompt replies!

I ran a day without snapping at motion without crashing. I will now disable HW acceleration and enable snaping at motion. If it still crash I will figure out to get an adb log.

I am getting a lot of motion detection today, when nobody is in the room. Are there any recommendation on how to tune the motion parameters? It is a windy day here with passing clouds, so the light changes a bit - I am trying to hit a level where that does not trigger.

Thanks again!


(Jesper Lauritsen) #622


Does anybody have a way of saving a image from an Image Item to a file? I know it is not directly an HABPanelViewer question, but I would in some situation like to save the jpeg I get from a HABPanelViewer snap.