Hacking BasicUI: My current Theme / OH2 Setup *Update with Repo*

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(Esteban Ramirez) #21

mappings can be use with Text?

(Vincent Regaud) #22

It’s a Switch form the network binding

(Bullet Proof Fool) #23

This is really great.
Significantly more responsive than HabPanel view and looks nearly equally impressive.

I have a couple of minor bugs / feature changes I’d like to see.
1 - I want to drop the header / navigation (like here: Customizing Basic UI with CSS

2 - I’d like the content to wrap to the second column as soon as it gets past the bottom of the screen.(At the moment, content can easily go past the bottom of the screen on column 1, thus being out of sight) - my intention is to use this on a wall mounted tablet.

Of course I am not expecting you to code any of this, just suggesting as potential feature enhancements

(illnesse) #24

The column wrapping code needs some more love indeed, it’s on my list. It works kind of ok for me but i’m aware it could cause issues with other sitemap layouts

Removing the header bar is as easy as adding “display:none;” to the “.mdl-layout__header” class in overrides.css

(illnesse) #25

here’s the column-wrapping fix:

turns out this is actually a better approach than flexbox css

(Bullet Proof Fool) #26

Top man - thanks, will have a look!