HAI by Leviton OmniLink Binding with Openhab 3+

I upgraded Openhab to version 3 and now I can’t find a binding for my HAI OmniLink home security system. Does anyone know if there is a binding in development? It worked great all these years running 2.5.

Starting with OH 3.1, you should find an Omnilink binding listed in the binding list.

Great news! I’ll look for it!

That did the trick!!! Everything back to normal. Thanks!

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Hi Steve. I use both Openhab and Leviton Snaplink app. There is one feature on the Snaplink app that I can’t seem to duplicate on openhab using the Omnilink binding. Maybe you can help:

In Snaplink, the window/door status is either SECURE, NOT READY, or BYPASSED.

In Openhab it seems the only options are SECURE and OPEN.

My work around is to change the color of the font to Orange when the zone is bypassed. But I would rather see the word BYPASSED. is this an option?

I don’t use the bypass functionality but maybe @ndye might know more about what is under the hood for this status?

Hmm, I can certainly look into it. My guess is that it is simply because I only am allowing an open/closed type for those values but I’ll look and see what I can do.

After looking into it more, no because of the way openHAB is set up, there is no easy way to just make it a string item and display BYPASSED. My best suggestion would be to use some rules to calculate and display what you want to see on a custom String item.

Thank you for looking into it Ethan… I’m not as advanced as I should be when it comes to all of this, so probably won’t make it work at this point. I’ll keep SnapLink installed for the times I need to Bypass a zone. We use it to bypass a window that is very high up at our house that we like to leave open during the summer.

You can still use the binding to Bypass a zone, it is simply on a different channel. If you send an authorized user code (e.g. 1234) to the “bypass” channel on a zone thing it will bypass the zone just like if you did it on a console or in snap link.

Hi. Do you know if it’s possible to add other types of Units (other than UPB)?

I’m trying to add some roller shutters (Up/Stop/Down) that are supported by the OmniLink protocol. ‘Somfy URTSI’. Thanks!