HAI omnilink binding for Openhab 2.0

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(Michael Cumming) #81

Hi Craig,

It looks like you authored the original ISY binding as well? Both the Omnilink and ISY bindings seem to suffer the same reconnect problems - it looks like your were using an older version of google guava. I wonder if an updated version would solve this issue.


(Craig) #82

It is my understanding that the powers that be have suggested bindings should move away from utilizing the guava libs. The omnilink had a working reconnection strategy until I rebased this binding up to the 2.4 master and removed the guava dependencies. The ISY binding was further behind in development and I don’t believe had the reconnection coded.

I have asked a general question to see if others more up on current suggested best practices for openhab have an idea of how reconnection should work. I just have concerns about sync/async and using up threads, so I don’t want to hack something in.

(Michael Cumming) #83

Got it, both these bindings are essentially the core of my home automation both at my home and cabin. So the reconnect issues are causing a very wife approval factor :frowning:

(Brian OConnell) #84

@craigh -
I am not using the rebased version and I (just yesterday) hit the issue where the binding stops being updated. So I don’t think it is related to your rebase.
Do you have a link on not using Guava in bindings in Openhab? That is a bit of a bummer as it makes working in Java a bit more enjoyable.

(Craig) #85

@mjcumming. I am with you. I have both these systems at my places and felt the need to do a fair bit of work on each of the bindings. It’s something I do want to solve, but without staying very involved in openhab development I find it challenging to keep a development environment that builds and is productive, etc.

(Craig) #86

Check out section C.

(Brian OConnell) #87

Interesting… It doesn’t give a reason.

Thanks for the link.

(Michael Cumming) #88

Interesting. I would help out with binding, but my coding skills are limited to being a script Kiddie :slight_smile:

(Michael Cumming) #89

Brian, I cannot find the openhab2 omnilink repository on github - would you please provide a link…


(Steve M.) #90

I think this is what you need:

(Michael Cumming) #91

I wonder if they mean only version 10 of guava or all versions…

(Michael Cumming) #92


(Brian OConnell) #93

The hang issue may be a deadlock in the core jominlink library. Could the next person who gets the hang and requires a restart run the dev:dump-create command from inside the openhab console? That will create a zip file in your userdata directory. Upload that file somewhere that I can download it and I will take a look at it.

(Brian OConnell) #94

Just a heads up. I got a dump, thanks @mjcumming. There is a deadlock in the core library. There are a lot of edge cases around I/O and threading in the current library. I have started rewriting the I/O portions of the library to use netty. I am about 70% done. It will however, have some impacts on the binding. Most of the synchronous methods will be replaced with Futures instead. The current library attempts to show the omni as a (request/response) system when it really isn’t - that causes some of the issues.

(Brian OConnell) #95

Looking at it more deeply there are a lot of things I want to fix in the core library and I think it will take a pretty long time to correct all of them. I think I may have fixed the deadlock we are facing now with a pretty simple change. @craigh, if you want you can grab a version that I think fixes the deadlock issue from here. That should be plug and play with the version you had before, the API didn’t change any. If that fixes the deadlock, I will make a PR.

(Craig) #96


I have uploaded a new version of the binding which uses the new library in which Brian has fixed a deadlock.

Uninstall/Install from marketplace, or go to the public folder and download it.

(Brian OConnell) #97

If anyone has another deadlock with the new version please follow the same steps above to send me a dump.

(Brian OConnell) #98

Checking in here… Have people updated to the new version - any reports of deadlocks?

(Steve M.) #99

I’ve had the newest version running since it was posted, no issues.

Thank you!

(Michael Cumming) #100

Not yet Brian. Been traveling a fair bit.