Haiku Light with BigAssFan binding

I have the Haiku fan working well with the BigAssFan binding.
Now I bought the Haiku Light, which I can control with the same iphone app and so I did set it up in OH with the BigAssFan binding.
The Thing comes online and I can see the light on/off status etc, but when I try to control it from OH it does not work and after a refresh the thing will show it’s previous settings.
Has anybody tried to use the Haiku light and have a suggestion how to fix this?

Can you clarify please? Did you add the light to the fan, or is this a standalone light?

Mark, It is a stand alone light you can find the model here.
I set it up as if it was a haiku fan, as it appears to have the same properties. (it also works in that same haiku app)
After the setup it shows up as online and it accurately shows the status of the lamp (on/off and dim levels) however if I try to change the status myself in OH ie. switch it on or of, then nothing happens and upon the next refresh the actual unchanged lap status reappears in OH.
So it seems it can read the status but not write it.
Pls let me know what other data I can provide to help solve this.

When I wrote the binding, I only had a fan to use to reverse engineer the protocol. So, I’m not all that surprised that the light doesn’t work. :sunglasses:

Since I don’t have a light, I’ll need your help to add proper support for the light. This likely will require us to go back and forth a few times to get it right. Hopefully, you’re ok with that.

I’ll send you a PM in a minute.

Hi Mark - I have a Haiku ‘H’ Series fan with the LED light module. I’ve used your binding to control the fan, but I have the same problem as above where I can’t control the light in OH for some reason? Any guidance you can provide would be great! I’m happy to help work through the solution if that helps also.

My comment above concerned the standalone light. That functionality was added to the binding a couple months ago.

However, it sounds like you might be referring to the light that’s integrated with the fan. That functionality was included in the original release of the binding.

Can you clarify which light you’re having trouble with, as well as which version of openHAB you’re running?

Hi Mark - I’m referring to the light that’s integrated with the fan, and I’m running OH v2.2.

Ok thanks. You should be able to operate the light in that version of the binding.

To get started, here are a couple things to check/verify.

  • Can you post the definitions for your items that are linked to of the light channels (i.e. any item linked to channels whose names starts with light-?

  • There is a channel on the fan thing named light-present. What is the value of the item that’s linked to that channel (it could be UNDEF, PRESENT, or NOTPRESENT).

  • What do you see in event.log when you send commands (e.g. ON, OFF, etc) to the items linked to the light-power and light-level channels?

  • Can you confirm that the light can be operated using the Haiku smartphone app?

Thanks Mark - I’ve been busy, but found some time to look at this again today. I’m not sure exactly what the problem was, but I noticed in the logs that the discovery service was referencing an existing fan item or thing. I had removed these previously, so assume it’s in a cache somewhere? I disabled the background discovery and all is working great now (I can control both the fan and the light).

Thanks for your help

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