Handle new channels in binding

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How can I handle new channels in an existing binding. I try to add a new channel to a binding. After installing the binding, I always got NPEs because older existing things doesn’t have this channel. The binding tries to update the new channel during a polling job, when the NPE is thrown.


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I have the same question. Is there a possibility for a binding to update existing things to support new channels?
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As far as I noticed you have to recreate each item (i.e. delete the old and create a new one) using the new binding whenever such changes happen (like new channels, changed data-type of channels, new binding settings etc…) The author of such a change should remark on that in the ReadMe of the binding!

You will need to delete the Thing and then add it again to get the new thingType. This is commonly done for the Zwave binding, when channels are created/modified. There has been some discussion about this here, but there’s a linked issue at the bottom that goes back a couple years!.

This is a pity. It’s complicated for the users and difficult to explain.
Thanks for your answers!