Handling character set for value of Text elements

I am using a Text element in my sitemap to render a String item which holds information of currently playing media in openHAB UI.

Information is sent by Eventghost to openHAB using MQTT to send a ‘state’ message which value is utf8 encoded.

My concern is that accented characters do not get displayed properly in the UI: caption ‘accentué’ in Eg becomes ‘Un titre accentué’ in openHab UI

MQTT seems to forward properly the utf8 text as openHab logs:
016-05-08 17:01:45.475 [INFO ] [runtime.busevents ] - AV_mRDC_Salon_media_title state updated to Un titre accentu├®

Any suggestion to get right text charset conversion?

Anybody to give me some advise on fixing or at least troubleshooting the issue? :open_mouth: