Hard time with z-wave

Beginner, using openhab 1.8.3, hadmin 1.3 release and github main, RaZberry on Raspberry Pi 2 model B.

My weekend is wasted in trying to get my Z-Wave.Me Wall Controller (WALLC-S) working. I’ve tried everything, but the best I get is

17:53:22.001 [DEBUG] [ApplicationCommandMessageClass:56   ] - NODE 2: Incoming command class SECURITY
17:53:22.002 [DEBUG] [ApplicationCommandMessageClass:62   ] - NODE 2: Command class SECURITY not found, trying to add it.
17:53:22.003 [WARN ] [.o.b.z.i.p.c.ZWaveCommandClass:222  ] - NODE 2: Unsupported command class SECURITY
17:53:22.004 [ERROR] [ApplicationCommandMessageClass:75   ] - NODE 2: Unsupported command class SECURITY (0x98)

and the unit is hanging for a while… I’ve used Z-Way to include all my devices in the network, because I haven’t been successful with habmin. So for each of my devices, I’ve stopped openhab, started Z-Way, executed the inclusion process, stopped Z-Way, restarted openhab and the units have been there…

Until now. It began with me temporarily removing webapps/openhab and cloned the github into webapps, renaming it to openhab and replacing the jar file in addons from the old release version 1.3 to the github version 1.4. All the time using z-wave binding 1.8.3. After this, the z-wave devices were gone from the configuration. The physical buttons were still “working” in that sense they still were sending commands shown in the logs, but the devices weren’t listed in habmin.

I removed all traces of the github version and unpacked the release again (reverting to 1.3), but the devices are still gone! Logging says the buttons still send their messages.

What have I done, and more importantly, what am I supposed to do to fix this? Ultimately, I’d love to have all my buttons working. I mean, how hard can it be?