Hardware esp8266

Hi friends need help . Thank in advance for valuable inputs. My esp8266 is connected via serial port to windows pc. WiFi is not possible.
The requirement is to call python api on windows via serial port . Trigger is pir sensor. When it sences human nearby esp8266 to call api . Pls suggest.

Is your question related to openhab in any way?

Yes . python script is to capture photo and show it on openhab page via node red UI.
Whoever is entering my PC room . I want to capture the photo.
2nd part is clear but 1st part is easy via wifi.
But I do not want to invest one more IP on esp . As it is just to sense motion.

It’s still not at all clear to me what exactly you need help with (is it the python script, the code on the esp8266, something running on your windows PC, node red or actually openhab). I suggest you try to write up exactly what you have done, what works and what doesn’t (and why you think that is) and if you can then share a link to whatever code/configuration you are using, we might have a chance to help you.

Also not exactly sure what your question is but sounds like the setup for my water meter. The measurement runs on an Arduino connected with a serial interface (USB) to a raspberry pi (that also hosts my openhab). Different technologies but sounds like your setup.

There’s no way the Arduino (your esp8266) can trigger the raspberry (your windows pc). Al you can do is open a serial on the raspberry/windows that listens/polls the serial port (continuously). And whenever the Arduino/esp8266 sends something it can respond by doing something.

So in my case the raspberry listens to the serial all the time. And when water is used the Arduino send a little json message with water flow/totals/time in JSON format. When the Arduino receives this it knows it has to do something. In my case send the same json to openHAB where I use it in items/frontend.

So, depending on if we think the same by ‘triggering’ my advice is: Turn it around and let the windows pc poll the serial.

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