Hardware or Software issue?

yesterday I realised, that my OpenHab (running on an RaspberyPi3) doesn’t work anymore remotely (it said my Server was down, but it worked in my local network, so I wanted to check. I tried to log-in with Putty but it said, network connection reset by remote client.

Since I couldn’t restart softly by software, I unplugged and restarted the device. After waiting several minutes I realised there is no network activity (no LED flashing). Long story short: after connecting a screen I see following kernel panic

Now my question: what is this? Do I have here a software or a hardware issue?

most likely… hardware issue

what is the model (and manufacturer) of you SD Card?

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+1 for the SD card.
Try another one if you have a spare, just to see the pi comes up.

Yep, likely hardware. Google has a bit to say about it.

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Hi, thank you for the quick answers!
It is a 16GB Class 10 SD-Card from Transcend.
Since it was a non-Windows system I wasn’t concerned about backups (I totally underestimated the hardware errors). Is there a chance to save the config-files?

try to mount the SD Card with a SD Card Reader on a windows system and read it to take a backup of your configs

check here: https://www.howtogeek.com/112888/3-ways-to-access-your-linux-partitions-from-windows/

is it the TS16GSDHC10U1 model?


no, it is the Transcend TS16GUSDHC10E

OK, I could read and backup the openhab2 folder (containing items, services and sitemaps) to a windows folder. I’m also running a backup of the SD-card with Win32 Disk Imager (and for security maybe also with Paragon Disk Manager)
Do I need anything else in order to re-install the openhabian without wasting too much time on re-configuration?

You have all the folders backed up, that should be all you need. The extra image backup is a good idea if this is your first OH restore from backup. Worst case you have something that wasn’t backed up, you have a way to retrieve the info.

If you have a second SD card, then installing the cloned image and verifying it works would be best.

Best of Luck