Hardware recommendation decentralized ventilation

I am considering to integrate a ventilation system to our apartment.
Because we live in the attic of an old building from around 1890, it should be a decentralized ventilation.
Does anyone of you know about such a decentralized ventilation system with the option to control it somehow through openHAB?

Thanks a lot in advance.

For decentralized systems not really. Well some have an external 0-10V input that you can attach to some actuator but that’s about it.
Re-consider a centralized solution, it’s often possible to add air pipes under the roof’s insulation. There’s bindings for at least Vallox MV and Comfoair.

Thanks for your reponse, Markus.

That’s what I thought, because there is nothing in the community about decentralized ventilation yet. :wink:
For a centralized solution the effort is too high, I guess, but I will think about it.

I have found a list of decentralized ventilation systems.
Unfortunately it’s in German only:

However, following the links will lead to the manufacturer’s website which will be available in english as well.
Some of the systems are controlled by a IR remote, so maybe they could be started stopped with a harmony hub (!?).
The first one (Dimplex DL 50 W2) supports EnOcean, which I did not use yet.
Maybe that would be an option. Their website sucks though… :wink: (english does not work)

No 14 (Meltem) supports KNX
No 15 (GetAir) works with Alexa & Google Assistant
No 17 (Kermi) works with cabled Bus System (don’t know which)

See https://www.tzwl.de/tzwl-ebulletin and https://database.passivehouse.com/de/components/list/ventilation_small for an overview of existing systems.

But I’d still strongly advise against decentralized vents. It’s pretty likely more work and higher operating cost in the end (remember you have to install, connect and operate each of the units, and program them to “work as one”. Get in touch with a planner/company that does climatization (kein Heizungsbauer, die haben da einfach nicht genug Erfahrung).


Thanks - that’s the best way, I guess.

That’s true, but for a centralized solution the appartment is too small (I guess) with about 85 square meter.
I just would like to use just a few (2-4 pcs) and look for types with power cabling only.

EDIT: Furthermore we don’t have space for the central unit :wink:

There’s some devices to cover that range (160-200 m³/h) and it doesn’t harm to use bigger ones.
There’s also some units you can install hanging off the ceiling.