Hardware/Software to answer SIP calls from a Doorbell

HI All,

I’m trying to work out a way to answer my doorbell calls (The doorbell rings via SIP) and have two way speech using another device other than my Mobile and its SIP client. I can get the doorbell to ring my wall mounted android tablet and set it to auto answer using Tasker, but I would need some kind of bluetooth microphone paired I guess to be able to have this speech and not be tied to talking into the Android tablet.

Ideally, I wanted to use the Echo Dot (like the Drop In Feature which works well) but I dont believe I can use the Echo Dot as a two way audio device. I can only use it as a speaker via bluetooth so I could hear the visitor, but not be able to talk back to them.

Is anyone aware of something that would work? I’m trying to be hands free and get away from talking into a device, rather I want to be in a room and just ‘talk’ to the visitor :slight_smile:

Home Automation nirvana maybe :smiley:


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