Hardware suggestions for sub-branch energy monitoring at breaker level


I would like to attempt energy monitoring on 12 sub-circuits on my breaker and I was wondering if anybody has suggestions on what kind of hardware would be able to do this without breaking the bank. In short, I am looking for:
-good accuracy 0.5% is ideal, but 1% would also work
-interface and API to query at least once a minute
-hopefully some track record of working with openHab
-relatively low price
-Can be used in North America (US, Canada)

I am thinking CTs sensors would most likely fit the price point (I don’r have thousands to spend on industrial equipment). So far, I look at the TED energy detective (Spyder version), but I’m not crazy about the accuracy or it requiring internet access. OpenEnergyMonitor is definitely a solution but it requires design mods to have the desired accuracy and the larger number of subcircuits. Boredom Projects seems interesting (http://boredomprojects.net/index.php/projects/home-energy-monitor ), but requires more hardware expertise than I have.
Please let me let me know if anyone has used a multibranch energy meter and if they have any suggestions.


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I use Brultech gear to do that. I have both their older 7 Channel ECM-1240 and their 32 Channel GEM Model. Then ECM models use a Windows tool to configure (or btmon can do it). The newer GEM has a WebUI for config.

Depending upon how you set them up, and how many CTs used, price will be north of $500.

In my case, they’re attached to a RPi running btmon and I have that pushing data to MQTT … There’s a thread here on how I do that.

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Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for! The accuracy certainly seems to meet the requirements (plus its wireless). Also it is good to know that it works with openHab.

Thanks again!