Hardware to control large air compressor

I am looking for ways to integrate a large air compressor into OpenHab. Mostly to set time limits that the air compressor can’t run. The compressor requires 240 volt and 22 amps (it will be on a 30 amp circuit, or maybe a 50 amp I use it for a welder too). Is there hardware out there I can use to control this? Preferably something simple like a light switch?


I think I would use something like a Sonoff device with the Tasmota firmware.

Like the Sonoff S20

The question is, if you need a 3phase switching device or only 1phase?

For both you need a installation contactor (e.g. ABB ESB 40-40 230VAC/DC 3phase)

To control the on or off times you need a second “intelligent” switch to control the installation contactor.
This Switch does not Need to Switch high power. For this you can use something like sonoff Basic or another controllable Switch which is compatible to openHAB.

I think within home Automation iot is more seldom to Switch power of 230 V/22 Amps so you will need to go with a “double” Switch.

That Sonoff would burn up. Brad needs to control 22A and the S20 is rated only for 10A. That is going to be the challenge.

The only device I could find with a little bit of searching is a Heavy Duty Zwave plug from Aeon which can handle up to 40A.

Thanks! That looks like what I need!