Harmony Binding: cannot find buttonpress

I use the harmony binding since months successfully. I’ve attached a new device (LG Beamer), which is also discovered successfully. But when I look for the possible “buttonpresses” at http://192.168.x.y:8080/rest/channel-types, there are no buttonpress available.
One of my correct discovered device lookes like

parameters	[]
parameterGroups	[]
description	"Send a button press to device Decoder"
label	"Send Button Press"
itemType	"String"
kind	"STATE"
readOnly	false
value	"PowerToggle"
label	"Power Toggle"
value	"Mute"
label	"Mute"
value	"VolumeDown"
label	"Volume Down"

My LG-Beamer just shows this

parameters	[]
parameterGroups	[]
description	"Send a button press to device LG-Projektor"
label	"Send Button Press"
itemType	"String"
kind	"STATE"
readOnly	false
options	[]
tags	[]
UID	"harmonyhub:device:harmonyhub:42923105:buttonPress"
advanced	false 

I have no idea, how to get the buttons to remote control my LG-Beamer. My IR controller is full of them :wink:
Please, can anybody show the right way to find this buttons.
Kind regards,

Hmm, maybe I didn’t descrbe my problem good enough?
I need to switch the input channel of my LG Beamer, which sould be done by my harmony hub. Any other devices are already controlled by my harmony, so it not a matter of thing configuration, but a matter of configuring the buttonpress-items. Any other device shows its buttons under http://192.168.x.y:8080/rest/channel-types, but not my beamer (projector). I’ve no idea why.
I hope anybody can give me a hint, how to get my device items defined.

No help?

I just found your thread while looking for answers to another harmony problem I am having.

Now I have never used the rest API so I can’t tell if the paste that you posted is from the OH rest API or from the harmony hub. Assuming it is from the OH API: the channels that you can see have probably explicitly been defined for your other devices so that it is easier to link to them. My assumption is, that the LG beamer is simply not already in the channel database of the harmony binding.

Now the good news: I never used these channels to get my stuff to work anyways. The way you can control the harmony devices is by sending the button ID to the string item.

So basically you are sending strings to the binding and the harmony hub then knows which button it needs to activate.

You can then even map switches to these strings in the sitemap.

Now maybe you already knew all that but were simply wondering why the channels did not show up. I can’t quite tell from your post.

Hope this helps

OK, so I need to guess the correct strings, right? I assume for the input channel the string should be something like Component, HDMI1, HDMI2, AV, TV.
Thanks for your hint, I’ll try it out.

Maybe create a new thread for this issue, since it seems to be completely unrelated to the original issue.

Here a little more info, now that I have access to my items files:

String HarmonyHub_TV_Press  "TV" <television> { channel="harmonyhub:device:HarmonyHub:33103015:buttonPress" }

This is the only item I have for my LG TV,
Then in the sitemap I have this:

Selection item=HarmonyHub_TV_Press label="Input Select" mappings=[InputHdmi1='Hdmi1', InputHdmi2='Hdmi2', InputHdmi3='Hdmi3', InputHdmi4='Hdmi4']

I don’t quite remember how I found out the string exactly, but I think I just looked at what they were called in the Harmony APP in the UI.

Let me know if you were successful.

Thank you for your further explanations. In deed I know about the config of these buttonpress, which work for all my devices. But my LG-beamer doesn’t work, as I didn’t guess the right strings successfully.
And I don’t have an idea, how to get the right strings … that’s my problem.

I’ve created a PR that also fixes some issues where the buttonPress channel options list would remain completely empty: