Harmony Binding harmonyPressButton options

OpenHab 1.8
Amazon Echo HA Bridge

Does anyone know where the ‘harmonyPressButton’ options are documented for the openhab-harmony-binding? I am able to send a MUTE request but wonder what other requests can be sent via harmonyPressButton.

I use an Amazon Echo and I can say: Alexa, TV Sound off", and the Echo will send a command to the Harmony Hub to send a ‘MUTE’ button press.
This is done via an OpenHab rule:

rule "TV Mute On"
Item HarmonyMuteSwitch received command ON
harmonyPressButton(“Onkyo AV Receiver”,“Mute”)

I’m also able to trigger activities but want to see what else I can do with this Harmony binding.
I guess I’m looking for things like:
Channel Up/Down
Volume Up/Down

Do these exist in the binding?

I’m not sure, because I haven’t gotten my binding really working as I’d like it, but I think you can’t necessarily monitor those presses. But I’d be very happy to be proven wrong! I know you can monitor the current activity, but that might not help in this situation.

I believe if you have debug logging turned on the binding will print to the log all activities, devices and button presses possible, it’s not ideal i know. The OH2 version auto configures those for you.