Last night I arrived home, knowing that Logitech might have updated my Harmony to a new firmware which blocks the API which has been used by Home Assistant and OpenHAB (https://www.home-assistant.io/blog/2018/12/17/logitech-harmony-removes-local-api/).

Everything was fine, and I thought “okay, tomorrow I’ll install PiHole to prevent the hub contacting the cloud services and thus prevent an upgrade”… Too late, arrived home today, noticed almost immediately the KNX button on my wall was unable to start the activity it normally happy does. The firmware got updated.

No problem: let’s downgrade. I did the downgrade for both my remote and the hub, thinking OpenHAB would soon start contacting it again. Not… It was in “Offline - communication error”.

Okay, since pihole was installed the IP might have changed. So I reverted to creating a manual thing;

Bridge harmonyhub:hub:Living [ host=]

But to no avail, even dropping it completely and recreating it again does not detect the Harmony Hub via the Paper UI, nor won’t it contact the Hub via an IP in things. When it is configured via things it shows in the Paper UI:


Anybody any suggestions? Getting pretty frustrated by the **** Logitech pulled here…

Just to make sure I did an nmap scan of the Harmony Hub and the ports required are open:

Discovered open port 8222/tcp on
Discovered open port 41282/tcp on
Discovered open port 8088/tcp on
Discovered open port 5222/tcp on

I would suggest switching to the development firmware for harmony until the long term fix is available. should be easier then finding and blocking all update sites for logitch.


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