Harmony Hub activityStarting/activityStarted channels

Hi, I’m experiencing issues in use the example rules reported in the Logitech Harmony Hub Binding documentation, for channels: activityStarted and activityStarting.
I’m able to properly use the current activity, but no way to use started and starting channels.

This is my items section:
String HarmonyHubActivity “Current Activity [%s]” (gSala) {channel=“harmonyhub:hub:Living:currentActivity”}
String HarmonyHubPanasonic “Panasonic” (gSala) {channel=“harmonyhub:device:Living:22970003:buttonPress”}
String HarmonyHubSky “Sky” (gSala) {channel=“harmonyhub:device:Living:22970021:buttonPress”}

This is my sitemap section:
Frame label=“Harmony”{
Switch item=HarmonyHubActivity mappings=[PowerOff=“PowerOff”, “Watch TV”=“Watch TV”, “Listen to Music”=“Listen to Music”, Watch_a_Movie=“Watch a Movie”] icon=“video”
Switch item=HarmonyHubPanasonic mappings=[Mute=“Mute”, VolumeUp=“Vol +”, VolumeDown=“Vol -”] icon=“screen”
Switch item=HarmonyHubSky mappings=[ChannelUp=“Ch +”, ChannelDown=“Ch -”, Select=“Select”, Menu=“Menu”, Exit=“Exit”] icon=“receiver”
Selection label=Canali item=HarmonyHubSky mappings=[“Rai Uno”=“Rai Uno”, “Rai Due”=“Rai Due”, “Rai Tre”=“Rai Tre”, “Rete Quattro”=“Rete Quattro”, “Canale Cinque”=“Canale Cinque”, “Italia Uno”=“Italia Uno”] icon=“receiver”

Those the rules:
rule “Process TV commands”
when Item HarmonyHubSky received command
case “Rai Uno”: {HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(5) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(0) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(0) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(1)}
case “Rai Due”: {HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(5) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(0) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(0) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(2)}
case “Rai Tre”: {HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(5) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(0) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(0) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(3)}
case “Rete Quattro”: {HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(5) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(0) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(0) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(4)}
case “Canale Cinque”: {HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(5) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(0) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(0) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(5)}
case “Italia Uno”: {HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(5) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(0) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(0) HarmonyHubSky.sendCommand(6)}

rule “Going off”
Channel “harmonyhub:hub:Living:activityStarting” triggered PowerOff
logInfo(“Harmony”, “Hub is going off…”)

rule “Hub off”
Channel “harmonyhub:hub:Living:activityStarted” triggered PowerOff
logInfo(“Harmony”, “Hub is off - no activity”)

The loginfo message is never dump on screen I only see the message due to the current activity change:
08:51:30.232 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - HarmonyHubActivity changed from Watch TV to PowerOff

What I’m making wrong in my configuration?

Thank you for the support.