Harmony HUB Binding Disconnect Problem

Hi Communtiy, unfortunately I do experience some issues in OpenHAB 2.5.8 with the standard Harmony HUB Binding 2.5.8.


  • Synology NAS DS220+
  • Docker container OpenHAB 2.5.8 latest alpine
  • Bindings for FritzBox and Phillips HUE are working great

After moving from an OpenHAB 2.4.0 installation (with 2.4.0 bindings) I do experience disconnects (several a day) of the Harmony HUB binding. In contrary to many other posts in the community, in most cases the binding does not reconnect to the HUB. The 2.4.0 binding has been running stable for several months using the same WLAN/HUB. (The 2.4.0 binding was using the “old and insecure” XMPP protocol.) My WLAN connection could be more stable, but it seems that the 2.5.8 binding (connecting to the Harmony HUB via WebSocket) does not reconnect in every constellation. Would it be possible that a reconnect timeout/count is implemented in the binding?

harmonyhub:hub:HarmonyHub’ changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): Could not connect: null

Sometimes it reconnects with the following event but these cases are rare.
2020-08-29 17:25:22.228 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - ‘harmonyhub:hub:HarmonyHub’ changed from OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): Could not connect: null to ONLINE

It would be great to share some experiences and maybe find a solution for the problem.

Thanks and regards

I am facing the same problem, same error message. But my OpenHAB instance does not connect at all anymore. Did you find a solution?


Unfortunately I did not find a solution yet. I bought a repeater und fixed the 2,4 WLAN channel to stabilize the connection but from time to time I have to restart the HarmonyHUB. I did open a bug report, but got no reaction. An upgrade to OpenHAB 2.5.10 did not solve the problem.

Maybe anyone else could help with this problem?