Harmony Hub Binding Help

I am new to openHAB. I have successfully installed openHAB on raspberry pi3 and also successfully installed the Harmony hub binding. Everything appears to be working as expected. Most of the Harmony devices are available and working with openHAB except for the ‘home automation’ devices configured in Harmony like thermostat, lights etc. These do not seem to get populated in the inbox. Is there some extra settings I need to do to have these things appear in openHAB?

The reason I went for openHAB is because I just acquired a Neeo Remote that has a very limited device library, and also I need to control most of my equipment through IP. I am hoping to use openHAB as a bridge between Neeo and my devices.(I already have the Neeo binding setup and working correctly). I specifically need to incorporate the Harmony in my setup as it is the only one that is able to control my thermostat (Honeywell RTH9850WF). I was hoping to pass this control to openHAB and ultimately to Neeo. - I know it is kind of confusing! Any help, question or suggestions will be highly appreciated!