Has anyone done a successful backup of Aeon Labs Gen5 Z-Stick?

What do you mean? It can’t read it from the stick as it’s nothing to do with the stick. Are you still talking about the security key, or something else?

Ok, thanks! The question remains: Where can I get this key? Is it visible in HABmin? Or with a certain linux command?

For OH1, you need to set it in the config file. For OH2, it’s a configuration parameter in HABmin, so a bit easier.

I have to define it myself in openhab.cfg? Is this documented anywhere? What is the structure of the key? What’s the exact name of this parameter in the config file? I couldn’t find any sample entry …

Yes - exactly. Its YOUR password, so YOU will need to define it otherwise it’s not so secure. :wink:.

Yes - I guess you’re using OH1, so it’s in the OH1 wiki for the security testing version.

Take a look at the wiki - it describes the configuration.

Ok, thanks Chris! I’m sorry, but I still have some questions… As I “only” want to get/define this key, do I really have to use the dropbox-zwave-precompiled jar? Or is it sufficient just to define the “zwave:networkKey” in openhab.cfg? Maybe the jar is only necessary if I want to include real security devices (like locks), which I do not plan to do? I am asking because the dropbox-jar is about 3 months old, so it hasn’t the latest zwave code (like this was also mentioned in this thread: https://community.openhab.org/t/updated-z-wave-security-command-class/12045

If you aren’t using security devices, then you don’t need to use the precompiled JAR, and you don’t need to define the network key. It is better to simply use the nightly snapshot from cloudbees.

Well, but for my desired purpose, it seems to be necessary to define the network key. Otherwise it seems that a backup of the Gen5 stick isn’t possible.

How are you doing the backup? Openhab doesn’t support that, and the key is only stored in openhab - it’s not on the network, or the stick at all.

Well, I haven’t done it yet because the backup tool only exists for WIN and I am a MAC user. But have a look at the Aeotec instructions for backing up the stick (see my link in the first posting). There is mentioned that one need to specify the security key.

Well, I don’t know what that is for, but I suspect you can probably type anything in there. I really can’t see how it can be linked to openhab as we never tell the stick the key we use. In your case, if you’re not using security classes, then the key is NEVER used, so it really can’t have any bearing on the backup.

Hi there, I used the tool, mentioned above to create backup of my Gen 5 USB Stick successfully - got 256kb file. I did not tried to restore it,though :slight_smile:
Concerning security key - I just tipped “Read Settings” button, and it showed some current values, which do not seem to be relevant. Flag “Enable Security” I left unchecked. I tipped “Read EEPROM” afterwards and backup started.

Same here… But never tried a Restore.

I had some discussions about this with Aeon a while back and it was a little inconclusive, but they said

If the network key can never be changed, then this option can be ignored

I’m part of their gateway developers program (which is very nice!) and I’m hoping to be able to get information on their backup protocol so we can add it to the binding at some stage. Let’s see…

whats that?

It’s a program for gateway developers :wink:

Z-Wave gateway program.
Aeon Labs has a dedicated integration program to assist gateway developers with samples and technical support for each of our products.

Hopefully this will help me to better support some of the Aeon devices that people are getting at the moment (eg the siren, doorbell, garage door opener…) and also give me an early version of new devices so I can try and test them before they hit the streets…

I will say one thing for Aeon - when it comes to technical support they are VERY good (IMHO)! :slight_smile: .


wasnt sure if it meant Aeon is developing an own gateway :wink:

thanks for your insights :smiley:

Well, Sigma published some parts of Z-Wave protocol in August, so I hope, that OH Z-Wave binding will become more advanced and stable with that info.

Yes, this will help, but the backup of the stick is not related to what Sigma published - it’s an Aeon feature.

Hi all,

very happy to have found this thread … recently lost my zWave controller settings due to a stupid experiment with secondary controller - more than 55 devices lost :confused: - well done Patrik; now I rebuild the network and using the opportunity to try OH2 :slight_smile: - but fortunately I also upgrade to the new AEON stick and now did immediately take a backup (not all devices yet done; but to start from scratch again would really ruin my day).

=> Backup highly recommended if possible

But I do not dare to try a restore - too much work done yet; maybe someone just starting would dare to try (only one, or two devices included yet - and those not in a wall).

with kind regards,