Has anyone interfaced a central heating water pump into OH?

I’ve recently been working on interfacing EMS data from my boiler to OH and currently can persist data such as the central heating set point, the central heating current temperature, the boiler burn factor (a percentage, 100% meaning the boiler is running at full power), the hot water flow rate. Having interfaced all this data and graphed it with InfluxDB and Grafana I’ve realised it would be useful to see data from the water pump such as the flow rate and the flow resistance. Does anyone have a pump that they can read data from and have interfaced to OH?

I’ve seen that the Grundfos Alpha 3 can be connected to a mobile phone via bluetooth to allow the system to be hydronically balanced but this isn’t really designed to monitor or control the pump. It does look quite cool though, if you can really describe a pump as cool. There’s a short interesting video
here if anyone is interested.

What I’d really like to do is be able to continuously monitor the flow rate and head so I can determine whether there are any blockages developing in the radiators. If I could send commands to the pump too that would be even better so I could increase the flow rate as the load on the central heating system increases.

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Doubt there’s anyone to have the pump HW capable of this but good luck.
What you might get away with is to put your pump on an actuator to meter power consumption.
While that’s not accurate it might provide the info you’re looking for. There’s also a number of pumps to have a 0-10V or digital input to for different power/throughput levels.