Has someone implemented easee Home Wallbox in OH?

Has someone experiances with the easee Home Wallbox?


Everything is Cloud-based and has different Interfaces like MQTT, REST-API, OCCP1.6 available.

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I have two Easee wallboxes and would like to realize PV surplus charging.
I don‘t think that a binding for Easee exists (yet).

Best, Michael

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topic didn’t change for long time, but i am also interested in a solution to implement easee Wallbox in openhab and i am struggling at the moment with the http requests.

Is there any solution at the moment?


I integrated the Easee Home Wallbox with the help of a few items and a rule with OpenHAB. Works like a charm for me :slight_smile:
In case you are interested:

Description is in German, but the sources are also available - shouldn’t be too difficult to adapt it to your needs


HI all

I’ve been using this rule and mapping and item files and it all works as it supposed, however when I would like to customize functionality theres something I just don’t get. I have a state API call, that works and I get the following log entry by using rule entry as below, but how do i get cableLocked stored to an item? I use to get an error saying invalid indata even it toggles true or false, but there must be something I’m missing in jsonpath.

logInfo(“Easee”, transform(“JSONPATH”,"$cableLocked", json))


Now I jst got even more confused, using

openhab:status EaseeBox_cablelock returns state true or false as it supposed to, could there be some issuse with this in basic sitemap?

HI folks

Silly me, i just forgotten to include [%s] value formatting in sitemap item, now it all works as a charm, thanks for posting your setup.

Thank you for the tutorial. Works for me - but my main purpose is for energy consumption tracking. Is it possible to get the kWh data, too?


I didn’t try that, but according to these APIs it should be possible. E.g.:

User power usage:

Site consumption report:

Thank you.
That seems to work.
If selecting a longer timerange of a few days, the result is identical with the app.
If selecting just a few hours the result is always 0.
I started a ticket to ask easee support.

@struppie Thanks for your tutorial.
I haven’t got this working 100% yet.
When I check the logs I get follow error:

Script execution of rule with UID ‘Easee-1’ failed: Could not cast NULL to org.openhab.core.library.types.DecimalType; line 95, column 33, length 43 in Easee
Could not transform ‘NULL’ with the file ‘EaseeBox.map’ : Target value not found in map for ‘NULL’
09:00:40.194 [WARN ] [orm.AbstractFileTransformationService] - Could not transform ‘-’ with the file ‘EaseeBox.map’ : Target value not found in map for ‘-’

The item “EaseeBox_chargerOpMode” is NULL and not getting value.
I have value on all other items, so for me it seems like it have managed to connect to the API.

@Phuong Looks a bit like you are getting sometimes values via the Easee API for parameter chargerOpMode, which are not in the range 0 - 6 and therefore the transformation does not find a match.
I suggest to simply add a default to the EaseeMap.map file, e.g. this way (last line is the important one):


I think this should avoid the error you see.
If you want to track it down what happens exactly and what Easee responded, you can add a trace to the log like this and check the json content of the response when the error occured.

 json = sendHttpGetRequest(url, headers, 5000)
 logInfo("Info", "EaseeBox - json: " + json)

Hi all

I used pretty mucg all code for getting access token and so on from the posted example.

I made my own set of rules for keeping teack on loadbalancibg via z wave home energy meter, and I post easee box availible current to dynamiccircuitcurrent and it all works like a charm.

But when openhab rules are reloaded i get an error saying rule easee1 failed with null in easee. This problems resolvs if I pkugbin the charger so charger state changes. Do anyone else have sam issue?

I started working on a binding. → Easee binding