Has the OH2 Z-Wave binding channel for battery changed syntax recently please?


Did the Z-Wave channel battery-level change to battery_level recently please?
(note the – and _ separator).

Given that other channel names use underscores, the change makes sense, but I’d like to understand the potential for a future config pit fall:

After experimenting with cheap 3.3v regulators to replace annoying batteries (summary: cheap = crap!), I blew up a FGK101 door sensor, and replaced it like-for-like. The old device was linked with a manual text items file, but after changing the node, the Item was never set:

 Number  nHall_Batt      "Hall Batt [%d %%]" <battery>           {channel="zwave:device:aaaaaaaa:node99:battery-level"}

I suspect adding the new device caused the binding to re-read the binding definition and change from an older battery-level to the current value of battery_level. Changing the item file to battery_level resolved the issue, but that gives a potential future trap with both battery-level and battery_level in the config.

As the pre-existing Things are already bound with Channels using the legacy binding definition, they won’t change from battery-level to battery_level.

Would deleting the Things be enough, or is Z-Wave exclusion/ inclusion needed to force a re-read of the binding definition and a change from battery-level to battery_level for all existing devices please?

I’m running a recent OH2 snapshot on a RPi2 so expect things to change as things improve step-by-step.



No - it’s not changed.

The battery channel uses a system defined channel - that’s the reason for the - versus _, but this hasn’t changed - it’s always been battery-level.

This has not changed either.