Haseman RS-10PM 10 Channel relay module


I‘m trying to include a Haseman RS-10PM (10 channel relay Module) in OpenHab 2. Under things the node
Z-Wave Node 009 (0115:0110:0001:2.14) is shown as online, but no channels, so that Items cannot be created for the 10 relays. Probable reason: device not in database.

Can this device be added to the database or ist there any other means to get it completely included.

Thanks for your help.

To add the device need a copy of the xml file generated in /var/lib/openhab2/zwave . A pdf copy of the manual may be useful too.

I’ve sent you the 2 files by e-Mail as I’m not yet allowed to upload here as a new user.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Please find attached the 2 requested files.

(Attachment Haseman_RS-10PM_Manual.pdf is missing)

XML_File_Haseman_RS_10PM.txt (40.5 KB)

The manuals file size ist too large. Here is the link:


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Thanks. I am on east coast US so I ill need to look at this later, likely after work.

@Lgzw, Are you sure that device is node 4?
The database found it listed as a zwave.me device and they tend to reuse ID numbers :frowning:
The only other information I could find was the manual. I find it curious that although they use the Z-Wave name, there is no certification logo.
@chris or @sihui can help further, I hope.

It’s a Zuno, a developer board for your own zwave devices:

I’m not sure if this is still true:

Disregard. According to this search

the device type and id leads to

where the attached manual is a Z-Uno.

But that is a different device from what the OP posted the manual (Hasemann).
Sorry, don’t know what is going on with the recent changes to the database.

The device is node 9. Listed in Things as Z-Wave Node 009 (0115:0110:0001:2.14)

Okay, thanks. I’ve meanwhile contacted the dealer. Here ist his answer:

Regarding OpenHab we discuss integration issue with manufacturer Haseman. As its relatively new product, they had binding creation as their pending task, but still not ready. Once ready they will address OH and database update. We also will update our compatibility note in description page of the product. Sorry for inconvenience you could always return item back to following address or wait for device integration. It’s up to you…<<

I’ll return the device to the dealer although it would have been a good solution for me with regard to the 10 switches with DIN trail mounting.

I’ve got a wisdom double switch now. It’s with certification sign, but its the same problem. I open another thread for that.

I’m not using OpenHub yet, but RS-10PM is fully compatible with Fibaro Home Center (tested and confirmed). By the way, they have also a new version - RS-10PM2:


Just received new revision RS-10PM2 and try integration with Openhabian / RaZberry add-on (via z-wave biding 2.5.1). It was included in Z-wave network as unknown device. I suppose that device should be added to Openhab database first, but could not find generated .xml file for it. Here is device properties:

I also tested on Z-way platform and device operated correctly. All relay channels and power metering functionality were available there.

Could you advice how to get .xml file and then upload it to OH database?


I’ve try different approach via Z-way biding for the RS-10PM2 device.

Firstly install Z-way service over OpenHabian (Rasp PI4)

“wget -q -O - https://storage.z-wave.me/RaspbianInstall | sudo bash”

then include device within Z-Way network and enable Z-way biding in OpenHab, device appear with all channels. Here is the result after linking and rename things:

I made some tests in my installation and device perform really well. Plan to use few more within the project.

It’s still will be good if we could update ZW database and use direct Z-Wave biding with OpenHab…

Please provide your xml file, a pdf manual and a product image … or create a database entry yourself:

Hi Niky94545,

It took me for hours, but i am not sucessful. I tried to do the same like you.

Can you give some idea?
I am using openhabian, openhab 2.5.4 snapshot.
Thank you very much


I will try to give some hints, but could you share little more.Where do you face issue? Please be advice that in order to use Z-way biding, you should have as Z-wave controller either Z.Wave.Me. Razberry Add-on or UZB+lic. If it so you should install Z-Way on top of Openhabian, then go to Z-way Dashboard first ( http://lanip:8083/expert ). Here go to Network / inclusion process of device ( if it was previously included pass to exclusion first). After success you should had switches and sensors apear within Z-wave device tab. If passed this steped and device operate correctly here you could proceed to Z-way biding within Openhabian…

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Hi sihui,

Thanks a lot, i will look within this guide in details and try to create database entry by myself.

Best Regards,

Uploaded a 2.5.8 Binding with Haseman RS10-PM2 included…


Is it possible that after all this the time this device is still not in the DB ? Can the XML be uploaded again ?