Having trouble getting UI to work in openhab 2 beta 3

Let me preface with this is my first openhab setup. I know, glutton for punishment. I’m running on a PI 3 and used the add on repo to install the online version.

I have installed the mios binding and it is working to the degree that in the log I’m seeing a constant stream of events from the vera making their way into openhab. I have configured the binding, the items, the transforms, and built a site map with a single thermostat in it. I have not created any “things” because there seems to be no documentation on the format for those files and when I try and add anything in the paper ui it just shows me a blank screen with “Inbox > Binding” at the top.

The problem I’m having is that there is no evidence that any of my site maps exist in the web interface. I’ve tried paper and classic. I have tried many things, currently I have a single sitemap named “default.sitemap”

At this point I’m at a loss as to what config or logs to post. I’ll include the sitemap here in case that would help:

sitemap house label=“Test”

Frame label="Thermostat" {
    Text item=DownstairsTstatDeviceStatus
    Text item=DownstairsTstatCurrentTemperature
    Text item=DownstairsTstatCurrentSetpointHeat
    Text item=DownstairsTstatCurrentSetpointCool
    Text item=DownstairsTstatModeTarget
    Text item=DownstairsTstatModeStatus
    Text item=DownstairsTstatMode
    Text item=DownstairsTstatStatus

    Setpoint item=DownstairsTstatCurrentSetpointHeat label="Set target Heating temperature [%d F]" icon="temperature" step=1
    Setpoint item=DownstairsTstatCurrentSetpointCool label="Set target Cooling temperature [%d F]" icon="temperature" step=1
    Switch item=DownstairsTstatModeSetting mappings=[0="Off", 1="HeatOn", 2="CoolOn", 3="AutoChangeOver"]


Any help woud be greatly appreciated. I’m sure there is something I am fundamentally missing here.

Try to change this to
Sitemap default label “Test”