Having two networks for openHAB

Running OH2.5-stable on a Raspberry Pi4 (openHABian, latest version).

My use case is to have the LAN as the primary source for openHAB, but I also have a bunch of IoT-devices, which are either china-made or (like xiaomi Mi Smart Home) directly connected to china cloud. I’d like to move all my “not-sure-if-secue” devices to the guest wifi and only use trusted devices within the standard wifi.

So, as discussed almost two years ago here (Multiple network interfaces: telling OH2 the one to use) not every binding was prepared to getting told, which network to use. Is there a solution in the meantime? or do you have a different approach for my usecase?


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It you have the 2 interfaces on 2 different subnets with proper OS routes set up, then OH, like any other well behaved product will use the OS network routing. If you have 2 interfaces in the same subnet, you can rally only control routing with static routes in the OS.

This is a network / operating system / routing issue unrelated to openHAB, IMHO. Yes, I AM a Network Engineer.