Header Widget / Template

Hi all,

Started work on my ‘final’, (yeah right), HABpanel layout, been playing around quite a lot but think I’m happy with the way it’s going. I’m trying to be as ‘generic’ as possible and need some advice, here is a screenshot so far

As you can hopefully see I have the top 2 rows of widgets as my ‘navigation panel’. I’m an ex-html / website coder so am used to creating a website top menu and then having an file that means there is only one instance of the header yet it appears on top of every page. Another way to think of it is the header part in a word document, (for those not html literate).

I wanted to do this in HABpanel so that if I, say, add a ‘garden’ room to the top navigation, or I bought a vacuum robot etc and wanted to add a dashboard link to the controls section, then I only need to do it once and all the sub-dashboards update rather than me having to go through each one and add it manually, it becomes more important the more dashboards I create, I’m currently up to 15, one for each room, one for each control page and then one for each of my sonos speakers for example.

Is there an easy way / what is best practise to go about doing this or is it just a case of ‘suck it up buttercup’ and do it all manually?