Heal zwave device via rule or api?

Is there a way to trigger via rule a healing of a defined device?

I already searched the forum, for reinitialise I found the syntax to be send over the api, but didn’t found for healing :confused:

I see the action_heal: false on the one device I checked on both the ui code page and API. FWIW I did not see the reinitialize config?

But do you know how to send a heal via API?

I have never tried. Change to “true”?

Api UI shows error 500 :frowning:

I can get the API to accept the change (200), but it doesn’t start the heal. I just used the thing GET and copied it all to the PUT, then changed the action_heal. Tried both “true” and true. Also changed on the UI code tab with no effect, so there does seem to be a problem.

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