Heat Pump Modbus connection

I’m interested in getting out some status etc data from my Mitsubishi Ecodan heatpump.
Currently I have it connected over Wifi interface module which seems to work only with MelCloud application.
I see that Modbus is also supported. My pump installer has suggested the following device: Modbus module PROCON MELCOBEMS MINI A1M.
Do I need to buy this exact Modbus module or can I use some generic module?
Has anyone had any success to get data out from Wifi module instead?

I can only speak generally.
If you now have Modbus TCP via the Wifi interface you should be able to read and maybe even write(control).
I don’t know your environment if Linux, MacOS X, Windows yada yada yada

I used this mblogic mbprobe for testing and tinkering.
If you know the Modbus Addresses, and Modbus TCP is setup you should be ready to go.

Looking at the documents for that, it is a custom controller for the equipment, not just a protocol converter. No likely generic equivalent.

An alternative is to “hack” into the Melcloud web service. It doesn’t seem to have a proper API, but intercepting browser webpages is possible.
Some folk have done it with HomeAssistant

So it should be possible with openHAB - need some skills and effort.
Others are interested too

A further option is a DIY interface using Arduino and MQTT, I do not know if this supports your model

Some openHAB folk do use that

Thanks rossko57!
I will investigate those options.