Heat pump Senville AURA & HF/Z remote

Clearly, LG or Mitsi. are the heat pumps to have when you want home automation. But, what if you have a Senville AURA one?

There is a wired remote option but it still has optic isolation on display board in interior unit and is same IR protocol.

Yes, so i took out scope and decoded it. Also searched in ernest for others who have done this model. None found. So, i’ve released what i have, works well and is decoded BUT the CRC is not right.

Have you got this unit?

Here is link to project

I realize that this is an old thread, but I am considering getting a Senville AURA and trying to integrate into my existing ducted system as you did, and just found your GitHub page now. Since there is no messaging system on GitHub, I thought I’d try to contact you here to see how your system is working after a few years in operation. Are you willing/able to give an update and answer a few questions about your setup?

Rob :

Yes, the system is working fine. Had issues with the contractor who installed it for me, they did OK but the relief value … a classic mistake, it was leaking and system had to be re-charged in the next season. At that point, I got all tools myself (micron vacuume guage etc.), bought refrigerant online (won’t sell locally here to me), and charged myself. since then, it has been great. 3rd season coming.

I still don’t have controll system integrated … but in it’s current mode, electronics throttle cooling to what the air flow rate is and it has been good enough as is. It is a nuisance to adjust furnace thermostat and then cooling on/off control but not bad really, hence I haven’t finished the project. :slight_smile:

CRC codes were eventually decoded though.

The project mushroomed into a whole Climate Talk simulation environment in order to validate the furnace and ac controllers without using my actual system that is where I put pause to do other stuff for a while.

Updated Github link


Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that it’s still working well. I’m going to try the same thing. I have a few questions that I hope you can answer to help me get kickstarted.

  1. What is the model number of the Goodman coil that you used? Where did you buy it? Are you happy with your choice of coil size, or would you increase or decrease it if doing it over?

  2. How did you know how much refrigerant to add after fixing the leak on you second season?

  3. For spoofing the blower on the indoor unit control, did your circuit adjust an RPM pulse based on the PWM output from the motor driver, or did you just send it a fixed frequency pulse? If you can, it would be great if you could add a schematic and/or photo of the circuit to your homie_heatPump wiki.

  4. What caused the relief valve leak? How do I avoid that classic mistake?

Any thoughts that you can add that might help me avoid snags are greatly appreciated.