Heating Icon

What do I have to do that the heating icon in OH2 change to red color with high temperature? If the setpoint is setup with a low temperatur the icon has no color. That’s ok. But if I set the highest temperature then the icon has only a blue color. And I saw an uninitialized icon that was red.

Setpoint item=HeatingBadSetpoint label="Heizung [%.1f °C]" step=0.5 minValue=4 maxValue=28

Take a look at @watou’s explanation of how you can map icons to various states in this post. It may not be exactly what you’re looking for but it certainly helped me understand the possibilities.


Thanks. But in my case it doen’t match. I want to use a setpoint item to switch the temperature.

If your item were defined something like

Number HeatingBadSetpoint "Heizung [%.1f °C]" <setpoint> // etc.

and you had an icon setpoint-28.png that was a red icon, would that work?

The Number can be very different from 4 until 28 in 0.5 steps. Do I need for each value an icon?

I don’t know! But you wanted icons to change to red with high temperature, so I thought you could copy the red icon to each high temperature level you wanted to be red.

Yip… and I can confidently say it’s worth it, but also a huge time sink.

However, this thread might eventually get some form of traction but my bet is to not count on it happening in a hurry.