Heating rule with coming back previous Thermostat mode

It was my impression that these weren’t well supported or meant to stick around long term. Something you said to me 2-3 years ago or something I read at the time. If I’m mistaken I’ll see if I can figure out what release broke it and open an issue.

Probably best to test it in OH 3 first though. It might already be fixed.

I’m scared of oh3 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I finally sorted my problem out. I don’t know exactly when it happened - at least as far back as 2.5.9 i just somehow never noticed since everything else works (not related to the one rule).

so, in case you or anyone else cares, the problem is trying to use logInfo on the variable when it has data in it or is null.

when the var = null you can do a logInfo on it just using the variable name

If you then store something to it and run that exact same logInfo on it it will die.
If you run it as logInfo(“whatever”,variableName.toString) it will give you the info
then again if the variable is null and you do it as .toString it will die.

It didn’t use to be like that - very odd but now that I know everything is fine.

edit and i’m about ready to move to 3.0 when the sony binding gets updated. I rely on it for a fairly significant automation. its not so scary as long as i can run all my rule files as is until I start using the new stuff.