Heiman devices


We have a Heiman smart motion sensor and smart gateway from Shenzhen Heiman Technology. We want to integrate this with Openhab2 and unfortunately came to know that the binding is lacking. Please let know if any workaround is available. We are relatively new to Openhab.

Check the database if your devices are already available.
If not, include them to your network, find the newly created xml file and upload it to the database. As soon as the next binding release is available those devices will be available.
To upload the xml to the database you need website access and edit rights, see this doc how to do that.

Hi there! I bought a Heiman Smart Motion sensor and it shows in Openhab2 that it is unknown. I have checked the device database. There is a Heiman Motion sensor with the same name (HS1MS-Z) but with different reference for type and ID. I have downloaded the related xml file but can use some guidance with the next steps. Who can help me?


Please see the database guide here -:


You will basically need to add the device IDs to the existing database entry, this will then be updated in the binding (this is done once or twice a week) and you will then need to update to the latest snapshot.