Heiman HS1SA-E with deconz binding Openhab 2.5.11

Heiman HS1SA-E with deconz binding in Openhab

Not sure if this is the correct forum. I am using a Heiman HS1SA-E with Deconz. The device is found by deconz and added to the network.
According to supported device it shall support the following properties

Heiman HS1SA smoke sensor Fblp
F state.fire bool ZHAFire
b config.battery % (any battery-powered sensor)
l state.lowbattery bool (any IAS Zone sensor)
p state.tampered bool (any IAS Zone sensor)

In Openhab PaperUI I only get the following channels. Battery is missing.
Fire, Last Updated, Tampered

I am on Phoscon version 2.07.01 / 14.9.2020 with firmware 26660700. In the DECONZ GUI it shows battery level with the green icon.

I am not sure where the problem starts (in the binding I assume)

Seems to be an addon problem. I raised https://github.com/openhab/openhab-addons/issues/9424