Heiman HS3WL-Z Smart Water Leakage Sensor Not working in OpenHab


I purchased a Heiman HS3WL-Z Smart Water Leakage Sensor from eBay and even though its showing up as a Thing where I can inspect its properties and its showing as Online for some odd reason Im not able to do anything with it once its setup in the same manner as my other Z wave devices. Ive created new entries in notifications.items to match and they appear under my Link items under Channels. I have also updated my sitemap to display Battery info and to warn me if the sensor detects the presence of water but these are showing as dashes -

I have tried waking up the device several times near to my Z wave dongle and I can see in the logs that the device is being updated so OpenHab is definitely talking to my water sensor. Ive left it 24 hours and still no battery info is being displayed in my sitemap. I have shorted the pins on the water sensor and it briefly shows a red flashing LED which indicates its working but nothing is showing in the logs. Setting up a rule also does not show any notifications being sent.

Its very odd as I have other Z Wave sensors working (including 2 Heiman smoke detectors) and ive followed the same process for this Heiman water leak sensor.

Does anyone have any insight? Is it possible that this water sensor is not compatible with OpenHab? The person I purchased it from off eBay is adamant that the water sensor works o.k. as he had it working with another home automation system (not OpenHab). I am using OpenHab v2.5.0

OK oddly after deleting the Linked items and recreating it and then trying to wake up the sensor appears to have sorted the problem

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I have seen that happen on occasion too.

My guess is the device hadn’t been woken up in the right way so the binding hadn’t received the right messages to allow it to complete the initialisation. Of course this is a guess as there’s no information to really work anything out, but waking a sensor can be difficult some times, and often they won’t really “wake” - they will just “report”.

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