Help a noob please :)

hello, i need help on openhab please. I am a beginner but I managed after several hours to install the software on my nas synology.

I wanted to follow this tutorial:

to then do his other tutorials and manage to control my part of the brand legrand with google home.

but I am stuck from step: Setting up your MyHome home automation

I install the: Bticino Binding
but when I do not know or find the file to edit in order to do what he proposes. Where can I find these files? i searched in my nas and i have no file in the openhab files of the nas …

Since I could not finalize it on my nas, I tried to install open hab on my computer under windows but I never managed …

Could you help me please?

The openhab files should be under /volume1/@appstore/openhab
You’ll need to use an ftp or ssh client though to get to them and make sure ssh/ftp is enabled in dsm
Once your in you can create a symlink to show it as a shared folder (google will help you here)

i just made sure that ssh and ftp were enabled on my nas.
I installed filezilla and I accessed my nas on it.

But I can not find / volume1 / @appstore / openhab.

the openhab files that I have on the nas, are those that I created as and when my attempts.
There is only one that has two files that are: and .profile in / homes / openhab

Ill have a look 2moro, I have a Synology at my office so I’ll bang openhab on and see.