Help Clarifying MQTT Broker(s) Solved

I wonder if someone can clear up my confusion on MQTT. I somehow got lost in the MQTT docs and ended up with broker(s)


I’ve read one should not use the embedded and to use mosquito. Is that external? I’m unclear if that is what is on the raspberry pi when you enable mqtt, or something that has to be added. Where is the embedded going if it is installed via the paper UI? Which one is which on the things listed above? Based on the list above should I flush these out and start fresh with the correct one?
Ironically, it seems to be working but based on what I’ve read it has issues and I’m seeing some strange behavior on the system? Like the Outdoor_Timer_Relay which works, but has the uninitialized error. Ignore the hue unrelated. I can also send and receive to an mqtt device from a mqtt app so I’m confused “again”

I got caught like so many others in the world wind of documentation. I had an inkling something was wrong and Rich as usual set me straight. All back in and working sanely now!

Yes, it’s a separately installed and running service. If you installed using openHABian, there is an option to install it in openhabian-config.

Something has to be added.

Same place as all openHAB add-ons.

I would recommend doing that.