Help : configuration almost lost

Hello, I have installed OpenHAB 2 using apt (offline) and yesterday I configure almost all my KNX setup the whole day. Today I wanted to test different weather bindings and I made a huge mistake. I installed the weather bindings from apt which automatically installed openhab2-runtime. This overwritten all my configuration files : knx.items and default.sitemap.

I am optimistic because right now my OpenHAB is running and I can command my KNX installation through it. So my configuration should still be somewhere.

I have been able to recover the knx.config fil but honestly that wasn’t the hardest one to redo.

Can you please help me locate the file I am looking for or extract them from the OpenHAB console?

Thank you very much.

The config does not get overwritten through an update, take a look at file locations:

so all your files should still be in /etc/openhab2

You are absolutely right, I actually install OpenHAB1 in addition to the already installed OpenHAB2. I was auto completing /etc/openh and didn’t really see that the 2 was missing.

Thanks a lot, problem solved !